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Posted on 15 October 2004  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

THE lovely Autumnal weather in England - yes, said with a huge dose of irony - has already made it's mark on Reto Ziegler. The Swiss youngster returned from Under-21 international duty in Israel this week where he informed Scoop that the temperature had topped 35 degrees. Unfortunately, it was back to reality at Spurs Lodge and, having agreed to sit down for an interview, Reto emerged from the dressing room wrapped up for winter. Not that you could blame him, it being at least 20 degrees colder than Israel. Anyway, settling in cropped up in the conversation and he (correctly) pointed out 'I've noticed it's always cold in England'. But was that coat really necessary?

WE ALL know Hans Segers as a fierce competitor - not least on the golf course. But we saw a more caring, sharing Hans in the recent Action Images Golf Day at The Hertfordshire near Broxbourne, where we were represented by Hans and website reporter Milesey The Pie. Hans, a 12 hadicapper, was the best player in his group but was reportedly dismayed when he ruined his group's chances in the team contest. That team contest was with a yellow ball where, in a nutshell, the four players in the group take it in turns to use the yellow ball with points going towards the group total. The game is, however, when you lose the yellow ball, that's it. Hans' group had kept their score going until the 14th hole when one of Hans' mammoth drives found it's way into the trees. The ball was lost and with it any chances of team glory. "He was gutted," revealed one of the players in his group. "He must have looked for it for a good 10 minutes. He was the best player in our group yet that had to happen to him!" It also has to be reported that Hans was also the true gentleman we all know. "He kept on asking me if I wanted to borrow his clubs," said another in his group. "That was fine by me, I played a lot better with them." For the record, Hans finished tied fourth in the individual contest on 32 points with Milesey third on 34.

MICHAEL Carrick is the current king of the crossbar at Spurs Lodge. The midfielder spent time with the BBC filming a skills video for their Academy website on Wednesday. One of the skills they asked for was striking the crossbar from the penalty spot and Scoop, naturally watching the action, can confirm he hit the bar three out of the first four and seven times out of 10. However, Michael couldn't resist a gag when the cameraman Paul Redgrove went behind the net for different angled camera shots - Michael simply re-aligned his sites and crashed a ball straight at him with so much power he almost fell backwards, camera in hand, much to the amusement of all present! Nevertheless, all went well and the BBC crew of Paul and Mark Ashenden were full of praise for Michael's work. By the way, the video will eventually turn up here...

OUR press officer John Fennelly has many talents and Scoop discovered another on our recent trip to Everton. You always find great hospitality at Goodison and having polished off a pie - Scoop, a natural athlete, opted for the chicken salad on brown bread - Fenners was handed a roll of wine gums. We walked from the press lounge to the press box - all of 10 yards - to set up for the game when Fenners handed Scoop an empty wine gum packet. It must have been 30 seconds flat! Is that a record?

IT'S A MYSTERY. Jermain Defoe was given a huge packet of wine gums and even bigger box of Maltesers just before he travelled to Everton and expecting an England call and therefore being away for a few days, left both boxes in the safe (!) keeping of the press office here at Spurs Lodge. Scoop doesn't want to spill too many beans but just about everyone has dipped into these boxes - Jamie Redknapp came looking for them on Tuesday - and Jermain was greeted by two empty packets on his return. Who did it? No-one likes to point fingers - but look at the story above!