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Posted on 5 November 2004  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

WE COULD have a budding Jonathan Ross (as in film critic rather than chat show host) at Spurs Lodge. Erik Edman is back in his kit and training again after his nasty head knock at Everton but revealed to Scoop that he'd spent a lot of his early time out 'at home watching films'. Pressing further, he also said he'd been catching up with a few soaps and playing the computer game 'Tetris'. Apparently, he's now quite an expert. He could hardly keep the smile off his face this week when he told Scoop: "I've just broken the world record at Tetris, it's my new hobby!" The long winter evenings must fly by in Sweden!

WITH the digicam ever at hand, Scoop has managed to catch a nice couple of offbeat snaps this week. First it was Ledley King trying on press officer John Fennelly's special 'moose' hat (left) and then we captured Robbie Keane enjoying a spot of his native hurling. Robbie says he used to play as a kid in Ireland and to be fair, he shows good skills with the hurley (bat) and can whack the sliotar (ball) some distance. Jamie Redknapp also joined in but came up a long way short of Robbie, who must have hit the ball fully 70 yards. Luckily, Scoop was on hand to go and fetch and, naturally, showed Andy Flintoff-like safe hands in catching everything Robbie hit!

IN OUR last Scoop we told the story of Jermain Defoe's missing wine gums and it's clear footballers, or at least Spurs footballers, have a sweet tooth. Just about every player had his eyes on (or dipped into) those sweets and Anthony Gardner wandered past the press office the other day and caught in the corner of his eye a packet of chocolate cookies. "Are they open?" he asked with a cheeky smile. "No," came the reply only for the big man to add "Can they be?" before darting off. Scoop will soon be fitting a lock to the biscuit barrel!

THE poor quality of singing within the Academy group seems to be spreading. Charlie Lee - although he still denies it, blaming Mark Wright - started it all by wailing along to The Darkness and now Scoop has witnessed the completely non-dulcet tones of Tommy Forecast. Throw in the more senior Dean Marney warbling away as well this week and you can imagine why we're all ordering ear muffs for Christmas. Anyway, Charlie was once again protesting his innocence over a cup of tea at the Lodge this week and, just your luck, in wandered Andy Barcham singing away - IN TUNE! The pair of them quickly rounded on Scott Thyer ('shocking voice') and Dean before adding that Dean was also a terrible dancer. "You should watch him in the gym," said Charlie. Scoop might do better than that - the camera is at the ready.

RETO ZIEGLER clearly hasn't taken well to the English weather. We told you in a recent Scoop that he'd already complained - and that was in the middle of September. The temperature has dipped a little since then and, back in front of the camera this week, he stated matter of factly: "Every day is cold but before I came here I knew that. I'm not here to enjoy the weather, I'm here to play football." That told us!