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  • Northumberland Development Project Update
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Northumberland Development Project Update

Posted on 20 February 2015  - 13:55

The High Court hearing in respect of the challenge by Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd and the Josif Family Trustees to the Secretary of State's decision to confirm a Compulsory Purchase Order in respect of their land took place earlier this week (17/18 Feb 2015) and judgment was handed down this morning (20 February). Mr Justice Dove rejected Archway’s challenge to the Compulsory Purchase Order on all grounds.

Stadium Aerial Picture - 2015_730x500

Following this, Archway, the owners of the last remaining land to be acquired for the stadium site, requested permission to appeal the judgment and this was refused by Mr Justice Dove who concluded that an appeal had no reasonable prospect of success. Archway now have 21 days in which to apply to the Court of Appeal.

While there is still therefore a possibility of a further appeal, the hope must be that this High Court decision will now allow us to progress what is widely recognised as the flagship development in the regeneration of Tottenham.

The objectives of the CPO, as originally stated in 2012, underline the importance of today's decision and recognise the compelling case in the public interest:

To provide a focal point for the regeneration of Tottenham
To provide a catalyst for the long-term physical regeneration of Tottenham
To show tangible actions by the Council and THFC working in partnership, post the riots, to provide an opportunity to support the social, physical and economic well-being of the area
To bring the vacant, under utilised land and buildings into use and development
To enable THFC to stay and invest within the Borough
To enable a comprehensive development and regeneration of the whole of the Northumberland Development Project Site to be achieved
To enable London as a whole to benefit from the regeneration
To maximise the benefits to the community and businesses within London as a whole and within the local area
To allow THFC to assemble the site to build the scheme

We shall continue to provide updates as matters progress.