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  • My first gamePart 2
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My first game...Part 2

Posted on 18 June 2003  - 12:00

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

The latest batch of your memories of your first Spurs games in our new feature 'My first game...'

Send your memories to us by e-mailing themHERE and please remember to include your name...

We'll publish as many of your stories as we can this week.

From Ray King: My first game was on Nov 12, 1966 - nine days before my 10th birthday. My dad - who had been a Spurs supporter since 1931 - took me down to White Hart Lane as the first stage of the 'brainwashing' procedure. Despite the fact that we lost 4-3 to West Ham, it worked and with a cup final win the following spring I became a fan for life. My everlasting memory of the game - which I watched from the wooden stands (and not the terrace - as I was too small to see) was the fact that the crowd kept standing up even when no goal was being scored which was highly unusual in those days. When I asked my dad why he simply said 'because Greavsie's got the ball son!' I am pretty sure Greavsie scored that day along with Gilzean and although I do not remember the team, I think Terry Venables was playing as well.From Richard Hughes: My first game was Spurs v Leeds about seven or eight seasons ago. My dad had been a Spurs fan all his life, and so I was interested in Spurs, but I was also quite fond of Leeds as my best friend at school supported them. My dad took me to this game to decide once and for all who I was going to support. Thankfully, Spurs won. I remember nothing of the game, but all I know is, now I'm a season ticket holder, and, despite the abuse I get at school, I'm proud to be a Spurs fan. Well, it's better than being a Leeds fan at the moment!

Stewart Swain, Stevenage: My first game was fairly non eventful in the big scheme of things. It was A 2-1 home defeat by West Brom in November 1981 - I was eight! Only a few things stand out from that day. the shadow of a half built empty West Stand towering over me (I was standing in the corner of the Paxton Road end) and Garth Crooks' equaliser right in front of us. However I was hooked and 22 years later I am still a season ticket holder, and am happy to say have seen some much better games than my first one!

From Geoff James: My first game that I can remember was in the late 50's. It's a bit vague as I was just a young boy. My father was born in Edmonton and although we lived the other side of London it was his team. Spurs were at home to Blackburn. The final score was Spurs 5 Blackburn 2 and Blackburn scored the first and last goals. I liked the style of play, my father supported them so they must have been a good team. Short passes, quick runs, the masters of push and run that is now adopted by all the successful teams. I also remember leaving the ground and getting my feet lifted from the stairs as the crowds carried us to the exits. Although I now live in Scotland I still come down and see them play whenever I can. I rarely see them lose! My son is also a Spurs supporter so there has been three generations watching good fair attractive football. I look forward to seeing the young talent come through from the Academy and for long overdue success in landing another piece of silverware.

From Chris Knights, Los Angeles, USA: It was a weekday evening in the mid-eighties. My dad picked me and my brother up from school and said 'Chris, I have a surprise for you!' I had no idea he had buckled under the pressure I had put him under to take me to see Spurs! Ever since the 1981 FA Cup run I had wanted nothing more than to go to see the team I had become such an avid supporter of. It must have been 85-86. I remember the date vaguely but I know it was soon after the 1984 UEFA cup win. The game was Dave Bassett's testamonial down at Plough Lane. We lived in south London so it was only ashort journey to Wimbledon's ground. They were still a Fourth Division side at the time, so this should be an easy win for us. The car journey couldn't end quickly enough, such was my excitement. The thought of seeing Glenn, Graham Roberts, Garth Crooks and the rest of the team had my adrenaline pumping. We stood right at the front of the away supporters end, which was nowhere near being full, but I was in my element, the foundations were being laid for many more days out to see the Spurs, both home and away. I kicked every ball with them that night, as I have done many times since! We ran out easy winners, as rightly we should, and I remember it was after the UEFA final because Tony Parks was in goal and he saved a penalty this night right in front of my eyes! I live in LA now so have to make do with seeing what games I can on TV. But every time I come home the first thing I arrange is tickets to which ever fixtures Tottenham will be playing whilst I am there!

From Cameron Wilbury, Ontario, Canada: I'll never forget it - our Bill Nicholson tribute against Fiorentina. It was a warm August night. I've supported Spurs from Canada all of my life - even been partly responsible for launching the Spurs Supporters Club here, but had never seen a match live. My mate Gary Parker, who I met on the Spurs list, ordered the tickets. We met up for the first time 'in person' prior to the match, made the obligatory visit to the Spurs store, then off to the RT. It was there that I met up with a lot of old friends from the SpursList - people with whom I had had contact for several years. Then we made our way to the Lane. Tickets in the Paxton Lower. I'll never forget coming out in to the stands for the first time. The grass on the pitch was so green! The atmosphere was amazing! I tried to stay relatively low key for the evening, but inside, I was screaming! As long as I live, I'll always remember that night. My first Spurs match. I'll always thank Gary for setting the night up for a stranger from Canada. What a memory.

From Michael Samorzewski: You won't believe this as a first game. I was nine years old and had been on at my dad ever since I saw the Spurs v Burnley FA Cup Final in 1962 on TV and with some coaching from my dad and older kids in the street decided Spurs were my team. So in September the following season my dad (who worked on a Saturday until 1pm in Slough) took me to White Hart Lane for Spurs v Nottingham Forest. We parked the car in the High Road (honest!) got in the ground at the Park Lane end at the corner of the East Stand. There were no seats in the Park Lane or Paxton Road stands then. The noise was incredible I dont know what the attendance was but is must have been 50,000-plus. Now what with my dad working until one and the road links between Tottenham and Slough not being that great we didn't actually get in until half time. By that time we were 6 -1 up. The final score was 9-2 so I did see some goals!It was the first of many happy years going with my dad and then friends. I still go and have a season ticket in the West Stand so I don't shout anymore!

From Henry Pratt: My first game was in 1987 away to Newcastle. It was a Wednesday evening match and I was in the Gallowgate end as I live in Darlington and could not get tickets for the Spurs end. I could not belive my luck when Glenn Hoddle (the reason I started supporting spurs back in the 1980-81 season) scored and put us in front, not the most spectacular of his goals but a goal none the less. I got over excited and shouted 'get in' at the top of my voice while 2,000 Geordies were stood silent. How I got out I'll never know. The game finished 1-1, but it didn't matter, the main man had scored on my first Spurs game.