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  • Kunles Nutrition Tips No 4
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Kunle's Nutrition Tips: No 4

Posted on 19 August 2003  - 12:00

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By our fitness coach Kunle Odetoyinbo MSc BSc CN Med.

Healthy eating is really more about getting into good habits and sticking to them. It’s about little things like substituting a ready meal for a proper dinner including fresh vegetables, and not snacking on chocolate every afternoon but eating an apple instead.

These following ten tips - which will be posted on the site over the coming weeks - advise you on getting into good habits, without having to cut out all the treats you enjoy.

4) Carbohydrate
Increase the amount of complex carbohydrates in your diet relative to fat and protein. These include pasta, rice, potatoes and bread - foods which release energy slowly throughout the day and support exercise and training. For so many of our bodily functions carbohydrate plays an important role and it is unhealthy for us to feed this requirement to heavily through the intake of simple carbohydrates like chocolate!