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  • Kevs trip down memory lane
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Kev's trip down memory lane

Posted on 31 July 2009  - 12:00

This week's trip to Beijing has rekindled memories for Kevin Bond.

Kev's trip down memory lane

This week's trip to Beijing has rekindled memories for Kevin Bond.

Our assistant manager travelled to China during his playing days at Norwich City and played in the same stadium - the Worker's Stadium - that is hosting the Barclays Asia Trophy.

Having beaten West Ham on Wednesday, we return to the stadium later today (Friday, July 31) for the final against Hull City. We kick-off at 1.30pm UK time.

Kevin started his career at Norwich and made almost 150 appearances for the Canaries between 1974-81 before spells at Manchester City, Southampton and Bournemouth.

He takes up the story. "It was in the late 1970s and I think we were the first English team to come out to China.

"It was a much different country in those days. They hadn't seen football teams from afar and I remember it being a full house and the way the fans reacted to a near miss, rather than a round of applause, was more of a ‘wooooo' sound because they hadn't got used to how we celebrate a goal.

"There must have been 80,000 at the game and by the time we'd changed afterwards, everyone had gone! It was amazing! Everything was so orderly.

"One of the big differences is we're finding there is so much traffic on the roads whereas in those days, there was hardly a car but about two million bicycles!

"It was a fantastic experience - we visited Chairman Mau laying in state and took a trip to the Great Wall - and I probably didn't appreciate what an experience it was until later in life."