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Juventus v Spurs - information for fans travelling to Turin - updated - alcohol ban revised

Posted on 13 February 2018  - 07:30

Advice and information for supporters travelling to Turin, Italy for our UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg against Juventus on Tuesday.


We have put together an information pack with Juventus for Tuesday's fixture in Turin.

A reminder that we kick-off at 8.45pm local time (CET, 7.45pm UK).


Following representations made at Monday evening’s security meeting, the alcohol ban has been revised.

Alcohol will be available to purchase and consume within the city - EXCEPT with the following restrictions:

•    The immediate area around the stadium will only serve low alcohol beer from 5.45pm-8.45pm (local time) - this covers an approximate 2km circumference around the stadium, including the local commercial areas.
•    The city centre area in the vicinity of the Corsa Vitoria Manuele and around the meeting point for the shuttle buses to the stadium, alcohol will only be served inside licenced premises on a 'pre-pour' basis and not be available in bottles, cans or glasses.
•    No alcohol sales available at the stadium.


At the same meeting, Juventus have asked us to re-iterate the following information for supporters:

•    Match tickets are only valid to those supporters who purchased them and on production of an original passport/EU driving licence matching the name on the ticket. Those who do not have the correct ID will not be permitted to enter.
•    Supporters are strongly advised to use the dedicated shuttle buses from the City Centre to the stadium. We have been advised that the last shuttle bus service will depart at 6.30pm (local time). The journey time to the Allianz Stadium is approximately 30-40 minutes.
•    Supporters are urged to arrive at the stadium no later than 90 minutes prior to the 8.45pm kick-off (local time) to ensure they have sufficient time to pass security checks before entering the stadium. The security check comprises of a three-step process – tickets will be checked against your original photo ID document, supporters will then be searched by stewards which will also include removing your shoes. Your ticket will then be scanned at the turnstile.

The stadium will open at 6.45pm (local time) for visiting fans.

Supporters can expect a hold back of between 30-45 minutes at the end of the match. Should any supporter wish to leave early, Juventus have advised that fans may leave up to 70 minutes into the match.

Please note that all timings are local and local police and authorities, over which the Club has no control, may elect to change this advice at their discretion.


This information pack (click link above, pdf) is divided into eight main sections:


Details of our stewards travelling to Turin, a reminder of our travel line number - +44 7917 880445 - details of the British Consulate, emergency numbers and other useful information.


In Italy it is obligatory to carry an ID document at all times and you will need your passport/official EU driving licence for entry into the stadium for ticket identification purposes.

In this section, there are also details for your personal security, lost wallets and what to do if you are arrested.


The address for the Allianz Stadium is Corso Gaetano Scirea, 50, Torino, Italy.


Details of bus, tram and metro. A one-day ticket on the Metro is €5.00, lasting 24 hours from the first franking.


Details of how to travel to the stadium including how to get there via train/Metro and bus once in Turin.


Turin Police have requested that on matchday Tottenham Hotspur supporters make their way to a dedicated meeting point in the Parco del Valentino just off the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and close to the Umberto I bridge over the River Po.

The meeting point is very close to the main Porta Nuova railway station and the Club have been advised that there are several bars in the area where visiting supporters are welcomed.

A municipal bus service will be available to transfer supporters from the meeting point directly to the stadium. The Club has been advised that supporters can arrive from 5.30pm (CET, 4.30pm UK) and that buses would move off in a convoy once full.

Please note: This operation is managed by Turin police and transport authorities, the timings and operation are subject to change at their discretion, on the day.


Bullet points and do's and don'ts for the trip - plus the weather expected during our time in Turin.


Full details of what to expect at the stadium and information broken down into sections including:

Match tickets

Italian bylaws dictate each ticket must have been registered and used by the supporter who has purchased it. Following the purchase of your ticket, all supporter details have been passed to Juventus. Your name was written on the back of their ticket, and this will need to match the details on your passport (which you will need with you on the day) in order for you to gain entry to the Allianz Stadium. If the information you provided does not match that on your passport/EU driving licence or your ticket, you are at risk of not being allowed to enter the stadium.

Stadium access

Please arrive in plenty of time as the security checks may take some time to complete.  Please be aware that supporters may be asked to remove their shoes as part of the searching process.

Tottenham Hotspur supporters are located in the North-East corner of the stadium, seated in sector 110 (lower tier) and sectors 211 and 212 (upper tier). Each tier is a self-contained area (you cannot move between the upper and lower tiers) with segregation barriers consisting of three-metre high reinforced glass screens. Access is gained via a secure gate compound at Gate E, which is approached from Via Druento.

Turnstiles open at 6.45pm (CET, 5.45pm UK) - one hour before our 8.45pm (CET, 7.45pm UK) kick-off. All supporters must be inside the stadium no later than 45 minutes before kick-off.

Also in this section - accessibility information, food and drink, facilities, luggage, acceptable items and prohibited items.

The local police have advised that all supporters should arrive at the stadium by 7pm (CET, 6pm UK), as the security checks at the entrance may take some time. Anyone not in the stadium by 8pm (CET, 7pm UK) may not be allowed access and may be required to wait for 20 minutes after kick-off before being allowed entry (if at all).

The information pack also has maps of Turin, a map of the stadium, photographs of our supporters' entrance and sight lines in the stadium and a list of stadium rules and regulations.