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  • Its exciting to play teams like Brazil
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'It's exciting to play teams like Brazil'

Posted on 9 June 2013  - 12:09

With just 12 months to go until World Cup 2014 kicks off, Brazil are stepping up their preparations for the tournament.

'It's exciting to play teams like Brazil'

Our goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, is a beneficiary of this as the French national team are playing the Brazilians in Porto Alegre on Sunday night.

"It’s a great opportunity for us to play a game against Brazil in Brazil These are friendlies, but in international football there are really no 'friendlies'" Hugo told Spurs TV.

"It’s a good opportunity for the manager to give time to the players who need it and to play in Brazil, to spend some time in Brazil, to see how it is, the weather, the pitch, and the city because we want to be out there for the next World Cup.

When you are an international it’s very exciting to play international games and big teams like Brazil.