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  • Important message for all fans ahead of Chelsea
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Important message for all fans ahead of Chelsea

Posted on 27 September 2013  - 18:30

Following discussions with the Metropolitan Police ahead of this weekend's match against Chelsea, please be advised that the police will be adopting a zero tolerance stance towards any form of abusive or offensive behaviour or chanting. In particular they will be monitoring for anti-Semitic abuse and offenders will be ejected.


The Police have also advised us that they will be monitoring closely for the use of any terms which are offensive and/or may be considered offensive by others and will, if necessary, take action against those individuals. They have made it clear that this includes the use of the Y-word under certain circumstances - we should, therefore, like to ask all fans to be mindful of their use of this term.

Please help to make it a positive match day experience that can be enjoyed by all.