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Christian Eriksen special - Part Two

Posted on 16 February 2014  - 09:40

Welcome to Part Two of our special interview with Christian Eriksen.

Christian's used to being recognised wherever he goes!The FA Cup North London Derby was a new experience for Christian

The Danish international has been in sparkling form since returning from a serious ankle injury in December.

After talking about his early days in Denmark, playing for Ajax and joining Spurs in Part One yesterday, here Christian tells us about his life in London - and facing Arsenal...

January 4 must have been a strange day. We suffered what is always the worst loss of all, to Arsenal in the FA Cup, but then you were handed the highest individual honour in Denmark!
Christian: "It’s new for me, the rivalry against Arsenal. In a few years, I’ll get more and more emotion and how much you want to beat Arsenal. In terms of the Danish award, I had that prize before, so I kind of knew about it, but it’s still special, I’m glad I got it again. The last three years have been amazing with the prizes, the championships, now the chance to play here at Spurs."

How are you finding life in London?
Christian: "I like it here. You can walk down the street and not really get recognised. In Denmark it’s different. London is such a big city, it’s great to be here and where I live is really nice, the people as well. There is always something to do. If I ever get bored, I’ll take a drive around the neighbourhood, see what’s going on. I’m learning where to go and I see new things in London every day."

What do you enjoy doing most away from football?
Christian: "I enjoy the cinema, going out with friends, going out to eat, taking it easy at home. Probably it’s a boring life, but I like it!"

You mention about being able to walk down the street relatively unnoticed - what's it like for you in Denmark?
Christian: "I’m used to it now. Still, sometimes it’s a little strange when you are with your family out eating, they haven’t seen it before and people recognise me because I’m a footballer, but that’s how it works. But as I said, it's okay, I'm used to it."