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  • Striking lettering installed at new stadium
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Striking lettering installed at new stadium

Posted on 12 June 2018  - 14:10

Two more decorative additions have been made to the exterior of our new stadium, with letters spelling out our club mottos now flanking the North Stand.

Lettering on the North West cornerLetter on the North East corner

The installation of 'TO DARE IS TO DO' on the outside of the North West corner was completed this morning (Tuesday 12 June), with the original Latin form 'AUDERE EST FACERE' already completed on the North East corner.

Cast in concrete, each letter weighs one tonne and has been carefully affixed to the outside of the stadium, offset by a tiled dark blue background to truly bring the mottos to life.


This comes after four sets of decorative tiling were installed at various points around the exterior of our new home last month.

Elsewhere, the NFL pitch has started to be installed inside the stadium bowl (pictured, below).