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Andrew's story

Posted on 13 April 2017  - 06:00

In the latest in a series of features celebrating a decade of the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, we meet 10-year-old Andrew, who ended up in A&E after an altercation at school before being referred to the Your Futures programme.


Based at the Whittington Hospital’s Emergency Department, Your Futures sees a member of Tottenham Hotspur Foundation staff provide regular one-to-one mentoring for young people who are admitted to the hospital as a result of violence.

The subsequent mentoring Andrew received from Rakim at the Foundation resulted in improved behaviour and a series of awards from teachers. Andrew’s mum Kirsten is amazed by the transformation, crediting the influence of the Club and its ability to relate to him.

Kirsten said: “It’s amazing that the Club puts on a programme like this to engage young people like Andrew who are difficult to reach.”

Click on the video above to learn more on Andrew’s extraordinary story.