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  • FAQs


    Q: White Hart Lane is renowned for having a fantastic atmosphere. How are the Club and its architects working to ensure that the new stadium delivers the highest quality atmosphere? Have you taken key learning’s from other new stadiums around the world in terms of maximising the quality of the experience?

    A: Atmosphere has always been at the heart of our designs and we have studied some of the finest stadia in Europe best known for this. We are looking at all aspects in terms of how we can create and retain an incredible atmosphere including the distance of the pitch from the stands, the tightness of the bowl and the introduction of a single tier south stand. Additionally, we will be working with fan groups to see how we can keep co-locate fan groupings together within the new stadium rather than split them up. Finally, the whole south development of the scheme, is designed to be a fan zone and fans will be very much encouraged to utilise the atrium pre and post match.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Has the final seating configuration been confirmed yet? Are there any revisions to the exact capacity for the stadium now construction is underway?

    A: The capacity of the stadium will be approximately 61,000 and the exact figure continues to move slightly as we refine the detailed design, although we shall operate within the tested capacity established through the planning process.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Will there be better facilities and affordable food and drink to encourage supporters to spend their time and money in the ground earlier?

    A: Absolutely. The South stand will have a five-storey atrium and house a significant range of different catering options for fans. All home fans will be able to enter this section pre-match before moving to their seats, regardless of where they are sitting in the ground. There will also be considerable choice throughout the stadium in all stands and a diverse offering along with numerous restrooms.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: How much legroom will there be in the seats?

    A: This will vary from area to area within the General Admission seating, with a minimum 780mm in the south stand, 800mm in parts of the north stand upper tier, up to a maximum 858mm in the middle of the north stand upper tier.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: What will be the size of the seats in the new stadium? How do these compare with WHL?

    A: The size of seats will differ depending on where you are located within the stadium with general admission a min of 470mm compared with 455-460mm in White Hart Lane. Premium seating will vary between 520mm to 700mm.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: What is the distance of each stand from the pitch? How does this compare with other new stadiums in the UK?

    A: The new stadium has been designed to bring fans closer to the pitch that at any other modern stadium in the country. The first row of seats will be less than 8 metres from the touchline all the way around the ground – even closer for our singe-tier ‘home end’ which will be under 6 metres – compared with over 12 metres at the City of Manchester Stadium, over 13 metres at the Emirates Stadium and 18 metres at Wembley National Stadium.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: How are you going to find a new pitch? The existing surface at White Hart Lane has been excellent for years, and greatly helped the attractive football. What plans are in place to ensure an equally good playing surface, to avoid issues other Club’s and venues have had?

    A: We currently use a hybrid surface at White Hart Lane and we are in the process of examining and testing a number of different systems to ensure we achieve the highest possible quality surface at our new stadium.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: What are the dimensions of the pitch in the new stadium?

    A: The pitch dimensions will be 105m x 68m which are in line with the standard specifications as set by UEFA and FIFA.

    Updated: 5 July 2016

    Q: Was a retractable roof ever considered to create a full multi-use venue?

    A: We have considered this. It is clear that only a small number of events would benefit from a retractable roof and not enough to make it viable.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Where will the away section be if it's not in its current corner?

    A: The 3,000 away fans for Premier League matches will be situated in the north east corner of the ground. The stadium has also been designed to allow for varying away allocations due to requirements of different domestic and European competition.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: What colour will the seats be inside the stadium?

    A: The Club will be looking to ensure that they will be in keeping with traditional Spurs colours.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Will we be allowed flags and banners on the single south tier?

    A: Absolutely. We have designed the stadium to maintain a high quality atmosphere, including the 17,000 single tier stand, which has been designed specifically to encourage singing, vocal and visual support.

    Updated: 5 July 2016



    Q: Will the new stadium have mobile coverage and wifi throughout?

    A: Our aim is make the stadium one of the most technologically advanced in Europe and are as a result are designing the stadium to be able to accommodate a mixture of different technologies to ensure an enhanced level of service throughout and to be able to cope with future demands and developments. We are also working with leading stadium wireless providers to ensure that we can offer this service in all parts of the stadium giving the necessary speed to all our fans.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Will technology be used to help reduce queuing times at concessions in the stadium?

    A: We have considered the role of technology as integral to the design of the stadium and want to use modern technology to personalise and enhance the fan experience. As a result we are looking in detail at how technology can support us in things such as ensuring that queuing times are reduced. This includes EPOS (electronic point of sales), cashless / contactless and digital menu boards that will give supporters all the information they need on what is available at the concession they are at. There will also be digital signage throughout the new stadium to provide fans with other content and information.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Disabled Facilities

    Q: What facilities are available for wheelchair users?

    A: The Stadium has been designed to be truly inclusive, placing disabled facilities throughout the ground, giving fans the opportunity to sit in all areas of the ground including the single tier stand. We want to ensure that all fans can enjoy the same exceptional fan experience with excellent amenities and other facilities. We shall also be the first club to offer flexible seating arrangements so that wheelchair users will be able to sit with their families. We are continuing to engage in detailed discussions with the Disabled Supporters Association and other local and national disabled fan groups to ensure we deliver the highest quality inclusive experience for all.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    GA Seating

    Q: Will current season ticket holders get to pick their new seat in the new stadium?

    A: The Club will consider all current season ticket holders and members preferences in the new stadium and will attempt to keep blocks of supporters together where possible. This will be given due attention as the process moves forward.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Premium Seating

    Q: What premium seating options are available at the new stadium?

    A: The new stadium offers a stunning selection of premium suites, lounges and seats. All premium options have access to incredible match seats combined with ultra-modern facilities and dining options so you enjoy a truly unsurpassed matchday experience.

    You will shortly be able to ‘Register your interest’ to view the available Suites and Lounges, so please keep an eye on the hospitality section of the website for further updates.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: I am a current premium seat holder at White Hart Lane, when am I able to choose my premium seat for the new stadium?

    A: Existing One Hotspur Executive Members will be amongst the first to have the opportunity to see the new stadium options for themselves. A member of your existing account management or sales team will be in touch to arrange this with you directly.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Safe Standing

    Q: Have you taken into account the desire for safe standing, so that we can easily respond to any potential change in legislation?

    A: The single tier Home End is all seating to meet current requirements, however areas of it have been designed with safe standing in mind and we shall have the ability to introduce rail type seating in the tier should the legislation change.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Club’s History

    Q: What are the plans to ensure our new stadium preserves and develops a distinct 'Tottenham Hotspur' personality and to protect our heritage?

    A: The Club is working tirelessly to ensure that we retain our history in a modern stadium. The Club has already undertaken an extensive programme of cataloguing all current items either in our archives or in the existing stadium as The Tottenham Experience and the new Stadium will provide a natural place for many THFC artefacts and showcase for the Club’s great history. Additionally, key features of the three locally listed buildings have been removed in order that they can be retained, preserved and used either within the Tottenham Experience, on the site of the new stadium or within local heritage collections such as Bruce Castle Museum.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Will there be statues of Tottenham legends such as Bill Nicholson?

    A: We want to fully recognise the Club’s history across the scheme including in the Tottenham Experience, throughout the stadium and through suitable memorials to legends of the past. The Club is keen to deliver something truly special and therefore is considering how best to integrate them across the scheme.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Will the Cockerels from White Hart Lane be relocated into the new stadium scheme and available for all to see?

    A: The Cockerel clock was originally used to signify the location of the Club’s offices so its current location in the reception at Lilywhite House is apt. The current cockerels will be on show either in the stadium or in the Tottenham Experience and accessible to all and the cockerel emblem will be sited at suitable locations across the new stadium site.

    Updated: 5 July 2016



    Q: How will the scheduling of the Premier League games and the NFL work given that fixtures for each sport is worked out at different times?

    A: Premier League games will always take priority over any other event so no NFL fixture will be staged on dates that clash with Premier League fixtures. The Club’s agreement with NFL is for two games per season and should that increase the NFL recognise the need to build in greater flexibility regarding scheduling. Additionally, the stadium has been designed to allow for more frequent use, including through the addition of a retractable grass surface with a second artificial pitch below. Additional events at the stadium will bring significant additional benefits to the area including through an increased number of visitors, greater local spend and more jobs for the local economy.

    Updated: 5 July 2016



    Q: Now that you have announced that you will be playing games at Wembley stadium over the next two seasons, when will you be publishing further details on ticketing and transport for our matches there?

    A: The Club recently announced it would be playing its UEFA Champions League home matches at Wembley Stadium for the for 16/17 season with an option to play all home matches at Wembley Stadium for 2017/2018. A full programme of information relating to our matches at Wembley Stadium will be announced in due course. Please keep in touch with iSpurs and all Club communication channels for any future announcements.

    Updated: 5 July 2016

    Local Heritage

    Q: Of the heritage buildings on the High Road, why is only Warmington House to be preserved?

    A: A key driver of the design of the revised scheme has been to address and improve crowd safety and crowd flow issues along the High Road. This issue has long been a concern for the Club, which was largely caused by the location of these three buildings, which narrowed the pavement width to less than two metres, alongside the bus lane. The Club has carefully considered the right design for this area in order to redress these safety issues. The Edmonton Dispensary; The Red House; and the former White Hart Public House will be replaced with a sensitively designed new terrace along the High Road to host ‘The Tottenham Experience’. This will blend old architecture with new, incorporating and bringing back into use the Grade II listed Warmington House which is set back around 9.5m from the High Road. The Tottenham Experience will include a Museum of Tottenham Heritage and an interactive Club Museum.

    Updated: 5 July 2016



    Q: How will local transport in the area cope?

    A: The transport infrastructure serving the stadium is extensive with 4 stations: the Underground and National Rail at Seven Sisters Stations and at Tottenham Hale, London Overground at White Hart Lane Station and Greater Anglia at Northumberland Park Station. There are also up to 144 buses an hour. All of this means there is no dependency on any one line or mode of transport and that supporters disperse in different directions with multiple travel options and with significant capacity available across the area.


    The majority of supporters already use public transport, especially since the CPZ came into force surrounding the stadium area on match-days. Travel patterns to and from the stadium have shifted considerably over the last 10 years. In 2005, research demonstrated over 60% of fans came by car; for weekend fixtures that figure has reduced to under 40% and we aim to work to bring that down further to below 24%. We are continuing to work with the operators of the trains and buses to get an even better service and improved timetabling and as part of that work we will be looking to provide live station updates post match through digital signage and stadium announcements.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: Will you be extending the Victoria Line towards Northumberland Park Station?

    A: We understand the extension of the Victoria Line has been looked at by Transport for London and they have decided not to proceed. However, Network Rail are moving forward with a scheme to increase the capacity at Tottenham Hale and Northumberland Park through the installation of an additional track that will ensure greater ability to run matchday services through the station with better rail services north to Stratford and south to Liverpool Street. As part of these improvements, the station will also be renovated with an improved matchday service becoming available.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Q: What are the plans for parking at the new stadium?

    A: In support of the Green Travel Plan, there will be no parking available for General Admission fans at the new stadium. Parking for supporters with a disability will be available in and around the stadium scheme. Private car parks will be accessible in the vicinity and we shall be looking to work closely with them in order to better assess how we can control the flow of traffic in and out of the area at peak times.

    Updated: 5 July 2016


    Benefits to Local People

    Q: What will local people get out of this scheme?

    A: This scheme will deliver significantly improved local benefits creating a thriving environment 365 days a year, not just on match days. It will deliver in excess of 3,500 jobs along with an additional £166 million spend in the local economy each year. The training programme linked to the new hotel will also open up new career opportunities into the hospitality industry. There will be a greater range of leisure and entertainment activities for local people with more events, shops, restaurants and attractions, including a dedicated events programme on the new public square. There will be improved access to health facilities through the provision of a new health centre on the site and an improved range of shops and services in the area as businesses respond to the new destination that we will be helping to create. The Tottenham Experience will be a unique visitor destination and is planned to house and display Tottenham’s great heritage. And there will be improved facilities for the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, both within the stadium and on the new public space, enabling our charity to further extend its reach and impact. A major new supermarket and a University Technical College have already been delivered as part of Phase 1 as well as over 600 new jobs and 100 apprenticeships.

    Updated: 5 July 2016

    Q: Will you be working with local residents and businesses to ensure that you are helping to minimise the impacts of the new stadium during the construction and after opening?

    A: Yes, it is vital. The Club has created, in consultation with the Council, a new Tottenham Hotspur Business and Community Liaison Group, which brings together local councillors, Residents’ Associations, local traders with the Club, the Stadium Construction Team and the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust providing a forum to proactively resolve any issues that might arise during the construction, and identify and manage any concerns raised throughout. It will also be a forum to communication regular updates and planned community activities.

    Updated: 5 July 2016