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20/Twenty with Steffen Freund

A quick chat about the early days and influences of our current squad and coaching staff. This month: Steffen Freund.

Image: Italy-Germany at Euro 96. Steffen competes with Gianfranco Zola at Old Trafford.

What was your favourite subject at school?
Geography. I can still name every capital city in the world! I also enjoyed mathematics but couldn’t sustain my early enthusiasm. We lived in Brandenburg in the old East Germany and when the ‘wall’ came down, my school was among the many that were closed. I drove past it earlier this year and it was sad to see it as it is now.

Do you recall your first day there?
Yes, I loved it! It was traditional in East Germany to mark the occasion by giving the pupil a big container full of sweets, like an ice cream cone that is even taller than the child. I was eating sweets every day for about two months!

Hobbies as a child?
Fishing, athletics, handball, volleyball, football.

Colours of first youth club played for?
That was Motor Sud Brandenburg from the age of six until I was 12. I played in midfield even then and our colours were red and white.

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