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Our players have always been front page news – as John Fennelly’s ongoing series on magazines from the past clearly illustrates. This month we go back to September, 1972, when the Sunday Times magazine took an in-depth look at life at White Hart Lane.

Cover_full This nine page article was based on the ground-breaking book by Hunter Davies called ‘The Glory Game’ that re-set the bar when it came to how an author would cover a football club.

Before Davies it would be a series of articles on different aspects of a club. After Davies they threw that mould away.

For Hunter himself, it must have been a labour of love because he remains a life-long Spurs fan. His approach was total immersion at White Hart Lane with no exclusions as he travelled with Bill Nicholson and his side and really had an ‘access all areas’ brief.

And there could be no suggestion that the end result was sanitised in any way; as such it made a fascinating read, not just for Spurs fans at the time but for anyone with a general interest in the game. Even now it tells you so much about the day-to-day life at N17 that it remains a classic and I was not surprised when it was updated a few years ago.

The front cover spotlighted the fact that the Spurs of the time was worth £1 million while the introduction to this, the first of two extracts, summed it all up thus:

“Footballers are the heroes of modern mythology; and none are idolised, feted and fought over more voraciously than the stars of Tottenham Hotspur. Hunter Davies entered the lives of the Spurs, their officials and supporters, to produce a unique anatomy of a football club’s year.”

This particular extract covered our UEFA Cup trip to Nantes where we would draw 0-0 before finishing the job thanks to a Martin Peters goal in the White Hart Lane return. But, as Davies reveals in the fascinating dialogue, we did not travel with total confidence.

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