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Objects - The Cockerel and The Ball

Many an inanimate item has proved an important stepping stone in our emergence from our formation in 1882 right up until the present day. We look at a variety of them, starting with our cockerel motif.

history-old-cockerel The cockerel and ball which has looked over the ground from its lofty perch for much of the last 100 years has a history all of its own, writes Andy Porter.
The original contract was carried out by F. Braby & Co., Coppersmiths, Euston Road, London, and cost £35. 

The total structure measured 9ft. 6in. tall, the ball was 31 inches in diameter and the bird itself five foot high. The span from beak to tail was 3ft. 6in. and overall was 15 inches thick. 

The copper centrepiece was made and fixed to the mock-Tudor gable of the new West Stand in November, 1909, by William James Scott of Edmonton, who had played for us during our days as an amateur club.

It remained there until the summer of 1934 when the West Stand roof was renewed. A group of local dignitaries were photographed with the cockerel when it was temporarily brought down and given a spring clean.


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