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My Spurs Debut

The section where we invite Spurs fans to pinpoint their first ever visit to White Hart Lane and detail the players who captured their imagination in those early days. This month Elisa Bell, from Writtle, takes us back to August, 1992, when she first took her N17 bow.

Andy Turner against Everton in September, 1992... on his way to becoming the league’s youngest goalscorer.

One of the saddest things about looking back on your early days as a supporter is just how old it makes you feel! Events remain clear in your mind and it all seems like yesterday. But in my case it was 22 years ago!

The other facts that get you are the debuts of players. Often they are the things that stick in your mind yet suddenly that same fresh-faced, eager debutant is a veteran or, even more telling, has retired.

Still my own enthusiasm at the time, as I look back on my White Hart Lane ‘debut,’ overcomes the depression I sometimes feel as I now approach 40.

It was a Wednesday evening and, although I was still at school, I was given special dispensation by my mum to join my dad at Spurs for the first time as it was my birthday present. Dad wasn’t a season ticket holder or even a regular attendee at the Lane due to his shift work. But he went when he could.

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