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Global Getaway!

In the midst of our end-of-season tour of Malaysia and Australia, Andy Greeves takes a look back at our previous post-campaign trips abroad.

We have regularly competed in end of season matches overseas for more than a century now.

At the conclusion of our 1904-05 Southern League campaign, manager John Cameron (pictured below, right) took our first team to the former empire of Austro-Hungary to play a series of exhibition games.

Overseas_CameronWe travelled to Austria to take on the city’s local team and triumphed 6-0 on May 4, 1905, while we lost to Everton on May 7, 1905, and beat Vienna Athletic Club 4-1 on May 10, 1905.

From there we ventured on to Budapest, thrashing Buda Pesth Thorna 7-1 on May 12, 1905, and Testgyakorborora 12-1 on May 14, 1905. Our final stop on that tour was in Prague, where we were beaten 1-0 by Everton on May 16, 1905, then hammered Slavia Prague 8-1 on May 17, 1905.

In May 1907, we brought down the curtain on the 1906-07 season with two matches in Ostend, Belgium, beating Union Saint Gilloise 8-1 on May 19, 1907, and Fulham 2-1 a day later.

Then in 1909, we ventured to South America with four matches in Palermo, Argentina, and one each in Alumini and Rosario. We also crossed over into Uruguay to take on a Uruguayan League side in Montevideo on June 10, 1909, winning 8-0.

Our post season tour of Germany in 1911 saw us win six games out of six, while a year later we played matches in Belgium, Germany and Austro-Hungary. Among those games was the ‘Decker Cup’ meeting with Hull City in Brussels on May 12, 1912, while we experienced our first overseas derby match when we took on Woolwich Arsenal in Vienna on May 24, 1912.

We ended the 1912-13 season with two games against Red Star Amical in Paris, winning the first friendly in the French capital 2-1 on May 1, 1913, while we registered a 9-0 victory on May 4, 1913.

The following May saw perhaps our most extensive schedule in terms of a post-campaign tour. We took in three different countries – Germany, Italy and Switzerland – during the month, playing a total of nine matches.

Among those games were our first meetings with European heavyweights Bayern Munich and AC Milan, who we comfortably beat 6-0 and 5-0 respectively in matches on May 9, 1914, and May 13, 1914.

After World War I, we didn’t start playing post-season matches again until a tour of Switzerland in May, 1925. Among that seven-game schedule was a fixture with Basel on May 24, 1925, who we most recently faced in the UEFA Europa League during the 2012-13 season.

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