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Supporters' Choice

A look back at the highly-cherished Spurs Supporters’ Club’s ‘Player of the Year’ awards, a chart that holds its own place in our history and stands as a specific tribute to established and emerging players at White Hart Lane over a timespan of more than 30 years. By John Fennelly – who joined the SSC in the late Sixties.

EH_June_POY_Mullery The Spurs Supporters’ Club was a healthy and popular outlet for White Hart Lane regulars and their exiled counterparts at a time when there was no other direct connection with the parent club.

These days there are so many ways in which Tottenham fans can get closer to their club and interact on different levels. But in the pre social media days of the mid-60s, you paid cash at the turnstiles, bought a programme and probably had a pint in a local pub on your way home - where you would moan about the individual and collective failings of what you had just witnessed.

Hence the birth of the independent SSC which had good links with the Lane and was housed just outside the main gate at Warmington House. Their annual awards were appreciated by our players who regularly attended the prize giving events at the different local venues which gave them the opportunity to meet their loyal followers in a social environment.

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