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Our players have always been front page news – as John Fennelly’s ongoing series on newspapers and magazines from the past clearly illustrates. But this time the focus is on the fans who endured a wet and disappointing encounter across the river.


Well there were certainly a few fair weather supporters about back in 1911. Or maybe we can blame the Gunners on this occasion as it was their home game!

And what a contrast in results. We beat Woolwich Arsenal 5-0 in Division One at White Hart Lane in front of a 47,109 crowd on Christmas Day that year – but then lost the Boxing Day return at the Manor Ground 3-1!

As this front page picture shows, it did rain a bit that day. Indeed, it was torrential. But that’s still no excuse for just 22,000 supporters turning up. Then again, fans didn’t tend to travel to away games in those days so we can blame the Plumstead posse for staying at home to avoid the elements!

Having said that, two ‘football specials’ departed from Enfield to get our followers there so we were certainly well supported, even if they were damp and miserable by the time they reached home again!

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