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My First Spurs Christmas

Catching up with our recent signings to find out about their plans for Christmas and how they’ve celebrated in the past.


Previous clubs: Utrecht, Swansea City.

Apart from training, what will you do on Christmas Day?
Family members are coming over from Holland – my mum, her mum, maybe my brother and sister. Normally we try to get some family involved because of the fact that we live abroad. We’ll have a nice dinner, exchange some presents and just try to make the most of it, even though obviously as a player I’m still busy with football.

How does this differ from past Christmases for you?
When I played back in Holland we were off during this time of year, but the good thing about living here is you get to see how beautifully London is decorated. In recent years we’ve gone to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, driving all the way from Swansea to London, and that’s something the kids have always looked forward to.

What is traditional at Christmas in Holland?
It’s quite similar to here in England. You have a nice dinner with your family and exchange presents on Christmas morning.

What is your favourite festive meal?
I would probably say turkey.

What do you wish for at Christmas?
I just hope that we have a good second part of the season and have a good run to show what we are capable of, especially with the quality we have in the squad.

What was your most memorable gift as a child?
That’s quite simple. We had a Nintendo games console. My family didn’t have a lot of money but we got the games console one year, which was something we would never normally get. I’ll never forget that.

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