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Flashback - with Johnny Brooks

Multi-talented England international schemer Johnny Brooks was born in Reading and played for Spurs from February, 1953, to December, 1959. He currently lives in Boscombe.

Flash_BrooksWhat was your pre-match meal?

Steak plus eggs on toast.

What current player would you have liked to have played alongside?

Wayne Rooney or Ronaldo, both are ‘top drawer.’

What player of your era is worth £30m today?

I honestly don’t think any player is worth that much but my partner at Spurs, little Tommy Harmer, was brilliant and came nearest to that valuation. If I was building a team I would pay top money for Tommy. George Best also came into that category.

Favourite away ground?

I liked quite a few really but loved Newcastle’s St. James’s Park.

Most memorable game?

Playing for England at Wembley in 1956 and scoring a goal in a 3-1 win over Wales. What a brilliant day!

What era saw you at your best?

Between 1954 to 1958, I enjoyed every minute of that time at Tottenham. They say that aged 24-30 are your prime years and that was certainly the case with me.

Most difficult opponent?

There were quite a few but I’d pick out Manchester City’s Roy Paul and Jimmy Scoular (pictured below, left), at Newcastle.

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