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Our players have always been front page news – as John Fennelly’s ongoing series on newspaper and magazines from the past clearly illustrates. This month we go back to July, 1978, when manager Keith Burkinshaw famously “scooped the world.”


I had just finished my first season as Spurs correspondent at the Tottenham Weekly Herald when, like every other fan, I awoke to the above headline.

Manager Keith Burkinshaw, who had just steered the club to promotion from Division Two by the skin of our teeth the previous season, had flown to Argentina and signed two World Cup winners! It was heady stuff.

But who were they? Apart from repeating what was in the national press, I had nothing to go on in those pre-web days when you really had to know your business with no internet information to utilise.

So I had much to do – not least finding a photograph of the duo. With the three featured here, I just had to download them. Back in 1978, I had to phone around the picture agencies in Fleet Street and, on locating a team picture at the Press Association, travel up there and borrow the actual print with the promise that I would return it as soon as possible because others obviously wanted it!

On my return to the Herald offices in Tottenham High Street, I then set about writing my back page piece only to be told that news was light on the front so I had to write the lead story as well! So if you look closely at the shot of the two lads reading the newspaper, you can see that I am by-lined front and back – a rarity even these days.

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