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20/Twenty with Kyle Walker

A quick chat about the early days and influences of our current squad. This month: KYLE WALKER

What was your favourite subject at school? twenty-twenty-1-september
I enjoyed school; fun times and I still miss many friends from there as I don’t get to see them anymore. But I am afraid the response is the same – I lived for sport so PE is the answer.

Do you recall your first day there?
It doesn’t stand out in my memory so it must have been OK. I went to High Stoors in Sheffield and what I do recall is that we didn’t have to wear a school uniform which was a good thing, if a bit unusual.

Hobbies as a child?
All sports but mainly athletics as well as my football. I ran for Sheffield in the 100 and 800 metres and in the relay.

Colours of first youth club played for?
Amazingly it was Sheffield United, I didn’t really play locally as I went straight there so the answer is red and white!

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