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20/ Twenty With Harry Kane

A quick chat about the early days and influences of our current squad. This month: HARRY KANE.

What was your favourite subject at school? 
My last school was Chingford Foundation. I was brought up in Chingford and my happiest memories of school concern the good mates I had there as opposed to the academic side. I was OK with most subjects but, not surprisingly, PE was my favourite.

Do you recall your first day there? 
I can’t really remember it, sorry! So it must have gone well!

Hobbies as a child? 
Collecting football stickers – and playing football.

Colours of first youth club played for?
That was Ridgeway Rovers, David Beckham’s old club. We wore shirts featuring blue and white squares.

First club supported? 
None really, I just loved football generally and was always playing in games myself on a Saturday afternoon.

Any posters on bedroom wall? 
Can’t think of any! I was always out playing football anyway so didn’t spent a lot of time there.

First autograph? 
Jermain Defoe! I was about 11 and playing football in the street with my mates in Chingford when JD pulled up and joined in! We couldn’t believe it and we all got his autograph.

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