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  • Chirpy and Lily's Parade FAQS

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      Juniors on Level 5 Information for Parents/Guardians

    1 hour before


    Meet my helpers beneath the green and white First Aid sign by the white pillar in between blocks 547 & 548 on Level 5, West Stand.

    Parents/guardians will be able to leave their Juniors in the care of our matchday chaperones.

    45 mins before


    My helpers will bring you pitchside (North West corner) to meet me so we can prepare for the parade.

    Your parent/guardian should remain in the concourse or return to their seats, where they will get a great view when we walk past on parade.

    20 – 30 mins before Kick-Off

    The Parade will begin in the North West corner and we’ll walk all the way around the outside of the pitch* waving our flags to create an amazing look for the players and rest of the crowd!

    We’ll be live on the Wembley screens when we walk past the camera....remember to smile!

    10 mins before

    Kick- Off

    Once we’re back at our starting point my helpers will take you back to the meeting point beneath the green and white First Aid sign by the white pillar in between blocks 547 & 548 on Level 5, West Stand, so we can hand you back to your parent/guardian.

    Parents/guardians should make their way back to their original meeting point. Either, beneath the green and white First Aid sign by the white pillar in between blocks 547 & 548 on Level 5, West Stand.

    What is the age range?

    The age range for Chirpy and Lily’s Parade Juniors is boys and girls aged 5 – 15 years old.

    How do I qualify?

    Any adults who have booked Junior tickets may be invited by the Club to take part.

    What if it’s not my first time at a game?

    The spirit of this Junior initiative is that we hope it will encourage our fans to bring Juniors to their first game and give young fans a unique and memorable experience. However we do want to acknowledge and recognise our existing young fans even if they have visited the stadium before, and they are welcome to take part.

    What are the timings?

    Chirpy and Lily’s Parade will be held at our daytime games only. This initiative will not be available for evening games or European games. Timings on the day are shown in the running order table above.

    *Please note that with the size and scale of Wembley we must adhere strictly to the timings shown, and if we don’t  there is a risk your Junior may lose their place*

    You should report to the rallying point to meet Chirpy’s and Lily’s Parade chaperones. They will have a checklist of names of Junior guests. Only Junior guests on this checklist will be permitted to take part in the lap of honour around the pitch. There will be no exceptions made to this requirement.

    Juniors will then be escorted pitchside to begin their walk. Once this has been completed they will then be returned to meet you at the original meeting point (please refer to the table above to locate your meet point).

    What to wear

    Please wear your normal clothes to suit the weather and bring suitable clothing to keep you warm and dry on the day. Please wear trainers and avoid football boots. Spurs kit may be worn. Under no circumstances should any other football clubs kit be worn. Please also avoid large any large branding items of clothing, and the colour red.

    Player autographs and photos

    We ask that Juniors and adults do not approach players or management for autographs. Photo opportunities will not be possible at any point due to the tightness of our matchday schedules.

    Junior/Adult autographs and photos

    Unfortunately due to the tightness of our schedule and stadium restrictions we cannot allow adults pitchside. We ask that’s you take photographs from your seat. We will endeavour to make a group shot of the Juniors on the Parade available to you during the week following the match.

    Food and drink
    Juniors will not be allowed to take round food or drink on their walk. Please make sure children have eaten and have drinks available before they begin their walk. Please also ensure they are not eating sweets or chewing gum.

    Chirpy’s Parade route

    Juniors will begin on the perimeter of the North West corner of Wembley Stadium. They will then head anti-clockwise towards the North East corner, where they will exit and will be escorted by the chaperones back to our meeting point on Level 5, West Stand (please refer to above table). ** Please Note: Due to broadcast and other restrictions while we are Wembley Juniors will not be permitted to complete a full 360 degree lap of the stadium. **


    Every reasonable effort will be made by the Club to ensure that Junior guests are safe as they go on their walk. The group will be chaperoned at all times by Spurs staff in an effort to minimise the risk of accidents as the player’s warm- up. Please note that every effort will be made to keep Juniors safe and they will be briefed about the risk of flying footballs whilst players warm up, but in the event of an accident the Club’s liability is waived by your agreement to allow your Junior guest to take part.

    Collection after Chirpy’s Parade

    Once the walk is completed, our stewards will return your Junior back to you at your original meeting point please refer to the table above. Please ensure you are there comfortably in time to collect your Junior.

    Where can adults stay and watch?

    Accompanying adults are asked to stay in their designated seats whilst their Juniors are on their walk. Adults are not permitted to accompany Juniors around the pitch. They are also not permitted to follow their Junior into any part of the stadium bowl once the Junior has been handed over into the care of the Parade chaperones. At this point adults are asked to return to their seats immediately.

    What if I can’t attend and need to cancel?

    If you and the Junior Member cannot attend for any reason, please aim to notify us at least seven days before the game email:

    For all enquiries on the day please contact Gareth Dace - 07736 738370.