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    Don’t miss your chance become a Mascot!

    How would you like to walk down the tunnel on a matchday with the First Team and out onto the hallowed turf of a sold out White Hart Lane?

    As a matchday mascot, this is exactly what you'll experience - and lots more!

    Becoming a mascot is exclusive to One Hotspur Junior Members - you are in with the chance of being picked at random to be a mascot for one of our home or away matches.

    For more information, please email or call 020 8365 5150.

    Here is a brief run-down of the day

    1. Mascots are required to arrive approximately two hours before kick-off and are shown into our Family Room. They are then taken into the tunnel area to wait for the players and can take one item with them to be signed.
    2. Whilst they are waiting, they will see the away team arriving and Chirpy will usually put in an appearance at this stage. It's great to have Chirpy around, as sometimes it can be a little bit nerve-racking and he is brilliant at putting everyone at ease - and causing chaos!
    3. When the players arrive and autographs have finished, they are briefed with what they have to do. They then return to the Family Room and their parents, where they are issued with their kit and tickets and get ready for the game.
    4. Twenty minutes before kick-off, our mascots are then taken back to the tunnel area to wait for the magic bell. This bell is rung by the referee to let the players know they should be outside the dressing rooms and ready to go.
    5. The mascots then walk out with their player. Apart from the first and second mascots, the other nine will only discover whose hand they will hold when the players are standing by their side!
    6. As they make their way onto the pitch, the noise is deafening as the players shake the hands of the opposing team and line up for an official photograph with the mascots.
    7. Once this is completed, the smallest mascot stays with the Captain and the rest follow Chirpy up to the North Stand and then back along the pitch.
    8. Our mascots are then taken back to their parents to enjoy the rest of the game!