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    We Passionately Believe that Premium Seats Will Play a Key Role in Your Business

    Here are a few reasons why:

    • Demonstrate how much you value your customers
    • Engage more personally with people, in an age when most communication is done electronically
    • A typical meeting lasts 1 hour. We give you 4-6 hours with your guests
    • Motivate, reward and thank staff on a regular basis
    • Cross sell, up sell and promote products
    • Let your new customers meet existing customers to reassure them
    • Build deeper, more trusting relationships
    • Win referrals or open doors to other companies and people
    • Network– engage new contacts as well as enhancing relationships with current ones
    • Win new business through engagement directly with prospects, or through third parties who may specify you
    • Get in front of key decision makers, which may not be possible during standard working hours
    • Improve supplier relations, trading terms and support from them
    • Spend time with journalists and PR – own your message
    • Make a powerful brand statement
    • Improve account penetration by building relationships at all levels
    • Build foundations for long term relationships