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  • Daphne Edwards Plaque   [ektdesignns_placeholder_ID0EK]
  • THIS IS DAPHNE'S STORYDaphne Edwards Hotspur Hero day

    Daphne was nominated by Anthony Ashton when they met last year. Daphne Edwards, was the second Hotspur Hero to be recognised by the Club as her attendance record since 1958 for home and away matches is incredible.

    One day she decided that she really wanted to go a watch a football game as she lives in Hornsey she had a choice to go to Arsenal or Tottenham. As Arsenal were playing away she decided to go to a Tottenham game. That game changed her life and she has been a die-hard supporter ever since. She travels on her own and has made a lot of friends along the way. She is well known by fans and staff members.
    Daphne was presented with a special gift pitchside by Cliff Jones at Tottenham Hotspur at the last home game of the 2014/2015 Season against Hull City.

    Afterwards an excited Daphne said: “Thank you very much for the memorable day that I had at the Lane, I will never forget it. It's nice to think that the Club is prepared to recognise it's loyal supporters."