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    Disabled People

    Funded by: 
    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Epping Forest District Council Sports and Health Development Team 

    Epping Forest District Council  

    We work in partnership with the Epping Forest Sports and Health Development Team to increase the amount of disabled people taking part in sport across the Epping Forest District.  We provide inclusion advisors who work with local and regional sports providers, special schools, charities and local sports clubs to ensure that disabled people can access inclusive sports opportunities. We set up steering groups to ensure that disabled people and disabled people organisations are imbedded in to all mainstream sporting activities delivered and developed through the Epping Sports and Health Development Team.


    The Epping Forest District Council Sports and Health Development Team is committed to providing inclusive sports opportunities for disabled people living within the district. This partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is making a real difference to the lives of many disabled people.”
    James Warwick, Epping Forest Council

    Why needed: 
    •    Sport & Physical Activity levels for disabled people have stayed constant at around the 9% level with no increase. 
    •    Participation levels in sport for disabled people have not risen, even with an Increase in opportunities across London of at least 500 clubs.
    •    This unique partnership with Epping Forest has been set up to ensure that disabled people across the district can access all sport and physical activity opportunities.
    •    The project views Inclusion as the key tool to achieve an increase in participation by disabled people.  
    •    Specifically adapted and exclusive Disability Sports is part of the spectrum of opportunities that is available to disabled people across the district.

    •    The partnership enables 300 disabled people to access sustainable sports opportunities.
    •    The partnership connects in to the Inclusive & Activity 2 Strategy for Greater London.
    •    The partnership supports 20 local sports clubs to provide Inclusive Sports provision.
    •    The partnership trains 30 local coaches in Disability Awareness and Equality in Sport.
    •    The partnership works across 10 different sports; football, cricket, boccia, polybat, table tennis, trampolining, rugby, netball, Powerchair football and Wheelchair basketball. Programme.