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What We Do

  • Health and Wellbeing

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    The Foundation’s Health & Wellbeing team develops programmes that improve physical health and mental wellbeing for people living in our local communities.
    Through these programmes, the team seeks to engage hard to reach audiences in a range of preventative, rehabilitation and health improvement initiatives.
    The Foundation actively supports the Haringey Obesity Alliance and was the first organisation to join in 2015. The Alliance, led by Haringey Council sees organisations and individuals from a range of different backgrounds work together to make Haringey a healthier place where fewer people are obese. 

    For more information about the programmes offered by our Health & Wellbeing department, please visit the following pages:

    The Community NHS Health Checks scheme forms part of the Club’s aim to help reduce health inequalities and the life expectancy gap in north London. The programme improves early diagnosis, raises awareness and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.


    Stop Smoking

    Since April 2016 the Foundation has been supporting local Haringey residents to give up smoking through it's free Stop Smoking Service. The programme forms part of the Club's commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of residents in its local community.


    Shape Up with Spurs

    Shape up with Spurs is a 10 week exercise and nutrition programme launched in partnership with Haringey Council and Sport England. It is geared toward people who are obese or overweight and are not involved in regular sport or exercise.


    Walk the Walk

    The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is conducting free walking sessions to encourage residents, commuters, and visitors to the borough to travel sustainably and improve their health and wellbeing.


    Cycling Sessions

    Ride through local parks and keep fit with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation's cycling sessions.



    REIGNITE aims to support workless residents of North London who are aged 50 and over, through employment and healthy lifestyle support.


    Caring for Communities

    Caring for Communities aims to support cancer patients throughout their cancer journey. This unique service will support participants beyond clinical care and treatment, offering a wide range of services in the community.



    Move4You is a 12 week exercise referral programme delivered as part of the Club's commitment to fighting cancer. Anyone living with and beyond cancer in Haringey or Enfield can easily access the free exercise sessions, available on either a group or one-to-one basis.


    For more information about the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation's Health & Wellbeing department, please contact the Foundation by email: or by phone: 020 8365 5138


    The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is committed to providing opportunities and programmes for all our communities. If you are unsure whether this programme is accessible to you, please contact the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation by email: or by phone: 0208 365 5138 for more information.