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    Nikki Foster is just one of a number of young people who have been supported into sporting activities through the Foundation’s Premier League 4 Sport (PL4S) provision.

    Nikki, a year nine student from Nightingale Academy, Enfield, decided to go with friends to one of the Foundation’s PL4S judo taster sessions at her school during a lunchtime back in 2013. The ambitious teenager was hooked from the start and soon became a regular at the weekly judo PL4S classes, developing her skills and gaining confidence in her abilities alongside her peers.

    Having no previous experience in the discipline, Nikki soon discovered she had a real talent for the sport. The Enfield-born teenager quickly worked her way through to achieve her belt, gaining her Judo licence and earning the right to fight competitively,. She now represents her school and Enfield Judo Club, where she now trains, in Red Belt Rumbles and regional competitions.

    Nikki’s positive attitude and dedication helped her to focus on achieving her greatest accolade so far, taking gold at the regional schools judo competition at University of East London organised by British Judo.

    Nikki, an orange belt, competed with girls both older and at a higher belt level, to be crowned the Year 9 regional champion.

    Nikki’s coach, George Hyslop, said:

    “Nikki’s determination and discipline impressed me from the very beginning. She always gives 100%, trains at least twice a week and she wants to be the best that she can be. With her positive attitude and commitment to the sport, alongside her natural talent, I’m excited to see how far she progresses in the discipline.”

    Currently working towards her green belt, Nikki added:

    “When they said my name and I realised I had won I just thought ‘wow I actually did it’, I couldn’t believe it. George would always tell me that I had talent but I used to think I wasn’t good enough. I have now proved myself wrong!”


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