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  • Club launches latest employment opportunity for local people

Club launches latest employment opportunity for local people

Posted on 19 April 2018  - 16:30


• Tottenham Hotspur, in partnership with Levy UK, opens recruitment programme for 40 senior positions and 1,600 match day jobs in the new stadium.
• Over 100 applicants will have the opportunity to receive a Level 2 HABC certificate in Customer Service, and those who pass are guaranteed an interview with our Official Catering Partner.
• Recruitment drive is the latest in the Club’s ongoing employment programme, with nearly 1,300 local people already finding jobs through the new stadium scheme.
• Jan Vertonghen visited Percy House – our new enterprise, employment and skills hub – to learn more about the jobs on offer and the recruitment process.

The Club is working in partnership with Levy UK to recruit local people for roles within the catering team at the new stadium.

To launch the initiative, Jan Vertonghen visited Percy House, our new enterprise, skills and training hub, to meet participants and learn more about the jobs and the development programmes they will receive as part of the recruitment process.

There are vacancies for 40 senior positions and 1,600 match day jobs within the catering and premium areas. These jobs will be available for local people to apply for as part of our continued drive to generate employment opportunities within the Tottenham area through the stadium scheme.

Furthering our commitment to development, 120 applicants will be offered the opportunity to complete a Level 2 HABC certificate in Customer Service, funded and facilitated by the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. This will consist of learning how to deal with customers face to face and how to maintain a positive and customer friendly attitude. All candidates who pass this course will then be guaranteed an interview for one of the food and drink roles in the new stadium.

Levy UK was appointed the stadium’s official catering partner in February, 2017, and will be delivering world class and innovative catering all year round for match day and non-match day events.

In total, the completed stadium development will support around 3,500 jobs, with £293 million pumped into the local economy each year. This represents an increase of 1,700 new jobs and £166 million local spending a year – an enormous impact for an area in real need of new jobs and more economic activity.

Sarah Ebanja, Chief Executive of Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, said: “We are delighted to be working with Levy UK to be generating further employment opportunities within the Tottenham area. This is a further example of innovative employability programmes that we are delivering in line with the stadium development scheme.”

Charles Nicol, Managing Director of Levy UK, said: “Tottenham Hotspur’s fantastic new stadium will be one of London’s premier sports destination. We are looking for a team of local people who are full of energy and passionate about delivering the highest standards of service to ensure we offer a world-class experience for all visitors to this new entertainment destination.”

Vertonghen said: “I am proud to play for a Club that supports its local people and gives them meaningful employment opportunities. As players, we’re extremely excited to start playing in our new stadium – but more importantly, the stadium is going to also have a huge impact on the local area and the lives of many that will benefit from projects like this.”

To apply for a food and drink role at the new stadium please visit