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    Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund and Macmillan Cancer Support, is offering a free 12 week exercise referral programme for patients aged 18 and above, residing in Haringey or Enfield.

     Macmillan Walking

    There is a growing body of evidence for the specific benefits of physical activity at all stages of the cancer care pathway:

    During cancer treatment
    Physical activity improves, or prevents the decline of, physical function without increasing fatigue

    During and after cancer treatment
    Physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and mortality for some cancers and can reduce the risk of developing other long term conditions

    After cancer treatment
    Physical activity helps recover physical function

    Advanced cancer
    Physical activity can help maintain independence and wellbeing

    The Macmillan ACE scheme will be led by specialist cancer rehabilitation instructors. A variety of activities will be offered to help you become more active both during and after treatment. Activities will be tailored to each individual, accommodating all levels of fitness and ability.

    There are many benefits to becoming more active before, during and after cancer treatment, such as: 
    • Reducing tiredness and fatigue  
    • Relieving pain and improving flexibility
    • Improving mood and quality of life
    • Improving bone health and reducing the risk of osteoporosis
    • Helping to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
    • Improving general fitness
    There are many ways of achieving these benefits including:
    • Walking
    • Everyday activities at home
    • Gym sessions
    • Exercise or physical activity classes
    To sign up for your free 12 week wellbeing programme, simply download this form and hand it to your GP or CNS.

     Lottery Funded

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