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    Target group:cyclefun large
    Residents of East Haringey focusing on women and physically inactive 40+ populations.

    Funded by:
    Haringey Council (Smarter Travel and Biking Borough).


    HAGA, Haringey Day Opportunities, Mencap Tottenham, TRAX Cycling Club, Pedal Power, MIND Haringey

    The objective of the cycleFUN Programme is to increase cycling levels within specific Haringey target groups by removing barriers to cycling. Tottenham Hotspur Foundation does this by providing access to bikes and coaching – both free of charge. We also provide coaching and maintenance qualifications for those, who would like to take cycling a step further and inspire other Haringey residents to get back on a bike or learn to ride a bike from scratch.

    The cycleFUN programme provides various ‘Hub projects’ across the borough helping and supporting local partners and groups to get more people on their bikes.  We work in partnership with TRAX Cycling Club, HAGA (Alcohol Misuse), Pedal Power and Haringey Day opportunities (Learning Difficulties) and MIND (Mental Wellbeing) to run weekly cycling sessions for their service users as well as encouraging people to exchange participation between groups. THF coaches will also provide weekly led cycle rides from the White Hart Lane Stadium on branded Tottenham Hotspur Foundation bike

  • Why needed:

    The cycling at HAGA is going fantastically; I hear the coaches are amazing. Our folk love having fun and for once doing something with us that does not involve talking.
    Sarah Hart, Joint Commissioning Manager, Haringey Council

    •    Cycling levels in Haringey are low
    •    Cycling  reduces congestion and pollution
    •    Cycling is a good way for sedentary residents to start  increasing their physical activity levels
    •    CycleFUN creates jobs for the residents of Haringey
    •    Cycling reduces stress and deters depression, improving confidence and mental capacities

    Predicted Impact:
    •    Engage over 100 people in Haringey to get on their bikes over the 4 main projects
    •    Get over 50 women from disadvantages background on their bikes on the ‘Breeze women’s only’ programme
    •    Every service user of the cycleFUN projects will gain more confidence and self-esteem by riding a bike every week

     •    Over 75 rides and 60 coaching sessions by March 2013

    •    25% of our participants will become regular cyclists after the cycleFUN project

    To find out more information please contact Tottenham Hotspur Foundation at or 0208 365 5169.