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What We Do


    cycleFUN aims to increase cycling levels within specific Haringey target groups by removing barriers to cycling. 



    cycleFUN does this by providing free access to bikes and offering coaching support to those who are less confident with cycling. Predominately working with the 40+ age group the project offers sedentary residents an easy, fun way to begin increasing their physical activity levels. 

    Through cycleFUN the Foundation also provides coaching and maintenance qualifications for those who would like to take cycling a step further and teach other Haringey residents how to ride a bike, or inspire them to get back in to cycling. 

    Since launch over 100 Haringey residents have been supported to get back on to their bikes, gaining more confidence and developing their self esteem week on week. 25% of these participants have now become regular cyclists thanks to the scheme. 

    Funded by Haringey Council (Smarter Travel and Biking Borough) the weekly sessions are delivered in partnership with TRAX Cycling Club, HAGA (Alcohol Misuse), Pedal Power, Haringey Day opportunities (Learning Difficulties) and MIND (Mental Wellbeing).  

    To find out more, please contact or call 0208 365 5169