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    You may feel fine, but a free NHS Health Check with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation could help you enjoy a longer and healthier life.    

    CHD Cholesterol

    Funded by the Premier League Charitable Fund and Haringey Public Health, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation aims to deliver 3000 NHS health checks in Haringey over the next two years. In the 12 months since launch the health check team have delivered over 1500 health checks to men aged 40 -74 living in our local borough, helping to uncover issues relating to coronary heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

    The programme primarily targets men aged 40 -74, living in the east of the borough, for the following reasons:

    • The life expectancy gap between a man living in east Haringey and a man living in west Haringey is nine years
    • 42% of men die before the aged of 75 compared to only 26% of women
    • Men are 20% less likely to visit their GP than women
    • Reducing lifestyle risk factors for cardiovascular disease in men over 40 is a priority to help reduce the life expectancy gap

    It is estimated that more than 3500 people are living in Haringey with undiagnosed coronary heart disease, a potentially life threatening condition. These community based health checks increase the chance of early diagnosis and support individuals to make life style adjustments and access relevant health services that could reduce the impact of the condition.

    You’re eligible for a health check if:

    You’re aged between 40-74 years old

    You’re a Haringey resident or registered with a Haringey GP

    You’re not taking medication for:

    • Heart Disease or Heart Failure
    • Stroke or TIA (Mini Stroke)
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Atrial Fibrillation
    • High Cholesterol

    To find out where the latest health checks are taking place, please call the Foundation on 020 8365 5138



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