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    Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is working in partnership with the European Football for Development Network (EFDN) to deliver a walking football programme for men and women 50 years and older.

    The programme which is funded under the EFDN’s European Legends initiative aims to increase access to walking football for people in local communities across Haringey, Enfield and Barnet, some of the key north London boroughs the Foundation works in.

    Through the development of walking football and walking sports, the Foundation aims to increase the amount of sport and physical activity undertaken on a weekly basis by people 50 and over, an often hard to reach target group.

    Engagement in these activities will lead to increased social interaction, reduced periods of isolation and an overall increase in health and wellbeing.

    The Foundation is partnering with local organisations and identifying key locations where there is a need for walking football to take place. We will be delivering the walking football sessions until early 2018 and over the life of the project the focus will move from developing and delivering walking football sessions to identifying other sports that can be developed into walking sports, building upon the success of the walking football sessions.

    The Foundation will be working with the other 13 EFDN football club foundation members and local over 50s forums and organisations to learn key lessons, share best practice and deliver sessions based on the core needs of the target group.

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    The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is committed to providing opportunities and programmes for all our communities. If you are unsure whether this programme is accessible to you, please contact the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation by email: or by phone: 0208 365 5138 for more information.

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