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    Target Group:
    Disabled people in Enfield.

    Funded by:
    Enfield Council.

    Enfield Council Disability Joint Services.

    We work with young disabled people to help them with the transition process from school into further education, work or volunteering. The group is based at various venues in Enfield. They participate in weekly sessions which cover a range of activities that allow young people to enhance existing and develop new life skills. Through involvement in both theory and practical activities, the project encourages participants to work towards becoming more confident, independent, responsible and accountable. Visits from healthcare professionals, employment specialists and a visit to the THFC Stadium are also included as part of the project.

    The course was excellent and well presented by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. Although difficult, every effort was made to include all young people. As a result, their confidence increased week by week. Well done! I personally really enjoyed the whole course
    Tony Braham, Support Worker, Cheviots Children’s Centre

    Why needed: 
    •    It is vital for disabled young people to ‘have their say’ in shaping their futures, develop self-confidence and self-esteem and learn new skills through the activities provided. 
    •    The programme provides the opportunity for young people to focus on individual pathways ensuring that outcomes reflect their aspirations. 
    •    The programme aims to significantly improve transition processes, something that has proven difficult for young people.  
    •    The programme provides a necessary learning platform for aspiring support staff including teaching assistants and support workers.  
    •    Long term and sustainable change is crucial and through our resource toolkit, we provide other organisations with the drive to develop their own strategies. 

    •    50% of young people accessed paid employment or further education opportunities after one year of finishing the project.
    •    50% of young people aged 16 + are living independently after one year of finishing the project.
    •    50 % - 70% of young people continue to access sporting activities after six months to one year of finishing the project.
    •    A team of young mentors (25%) is developed as part of the project to support, provide advice and guidance to new participants.
    •    Due to a wide range of reasons why people volunteer, volunteering is an invaluable outcome and could lead on to further education, training or employment opportunities.