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    Target Group:
    Disabled Young People (Up to 25 years old).

    Funded by:
    95.8 Capital FM’s Help A London Child.

    PRO-ACTIVE North London Partnership, 95.8 Capital FM’s Help A London Child.

    The programme enables 100 disabled people to access a sports clubs and leisure activity of their choice, across the PRO-ACTIVE North London area.  Our mentors/ volunteers provide up to six hours of support to each individual disabled person, ensuring that that they can access the activity of their choice. We provide bespoke Inclusion training to sport and leisure providers which is centred around the needs of their new members. The project links to existing sports clubs, who have been funded across North London through the Sportivate and Free-Sport For All schemes, ensuring that disabled people can access their club provision.

    The Sports MATE project has really helped my grandson take part in football and James now plays football at Whetstone Wanderers. The support of the project was through James’s employment advisor. Contact was made with the project and within a week, James was taking part in the club and accessing competitions
    Grandparent of participant.

    Why needed: 
    •    The programme supports disabled people to access the club and sport of their choice.
    •    Sport and physical activity participation levels for disabled people have not risen in London since Sport England started recording them in 2006.
    •    Sport & Physical Activity levels for disabled people have not fallen, as with the rest of the country, but they have stayed constant at around the 9% level (that is the percentage of the 1.5 million disabled people in London that are reaching the 3x30 minutes per week level of active participation) 
    •    The Inclusive and Active 2 Strategy illustrates that at a grass root level there are lots of good pieces of work being undertaken that benefit disabled people on a short term basis. However, they are not necessarily tied into mainstream provision and/or not embedded into an organisation's overall strategic direction. The projects targets mainstream provision. 

    •    We have received 500 referrals regarding young disabled people interested in joining sports clubs living within North London.
    •    We will support 200 disabled people to access long term sustainable existing sports clubs and leisure services.
    •    To date, we have worked with 20 different sports clubs, providing them with bespoke inclusion training centred towards the needs of their new members. 
    •    We have worked with 10 different sports not exclusive but including: Football , rugby, cricket, Boccia, athletics, swimming, horse riding,  multi sports, table tennis and tennis.