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    Target Group:
    Older people.

    Funded by:
    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and The Football Foundation.

    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and The Football Foundation.

    We work with Enfield Residential Care homes to encourage up to 100 older people to take part in exercise classes and promote social interaction through a range of social events and activities. Our trained fitness instructors and activity co-ordinators improve mobility, promote healthier lifestyles and inclusion and provide a range of fun person centred activities. The main objectives are to reduce the possibility of the onset of illness and lessen the deterioration or effects of existing conditions. The activities are also offered on a ‘drop in’ basis for older people in the local community who may be unable to attend the leisure centres.

    “The sessions have proved extremely popular. Some of our service users with more advanced dementia who need high level support to participate in activities are joining in with the exercise sessions and it is very rewarding to see the service users keen to join in and respond so well to the instruction given. I have had feedback on the  sessions from all establishments which has been very positive and we are hopeful these will continue.”
    Shelley King, Manager for In-House Day Services, Enfield Council

    Why needed: 
    •    The number of people of pensionable age will continually rise.
    •    11.4 million in 2006;  12.2 million in 2011;  13.9 million in 2026;  15.3 million in 2031.
    •    Older people aged 85 and over are the fastest growing age group. This group will nearly quadruple by 2051 to around four million (6% of the UK's population).  THE number of centenarians is expected to increase by 77 per cent by 2015.
    •    There are 150,292 older people living in our catchment area.
    •    More than 1.25 million older people complained of always feeling lonely.   For many younger people, the thought of being old and lonely is their ultimate fear for the future, yet for thousands of older people in the UK today, it is their harsh reality.

    •    We deliver weekly Exercise classes and person centred activities across six in House Residential Homes and Day Centres in Enfield.
    •    We are delivering 2 x 1 ½ hour sessions a week in each of the six settings for a six month period working with 60 older people.
    •    After six months, the duration of the sessions will increase to 2 x 2 hours for the remaining part of Year One working with 100 older people.
    •    We provide intergenerational activity to increase interaction between different people who have different backgrounds, ages and ability levels
    •    We are training existing residential care home centre staff to deliver the sport and physical activity sessions post the support of the project.