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    Target Group:

    Disabled People.

    Funded by:
    PL/PFA Community Fund.

    Interactive, Greater London Authority, NHS London

    Inclusive and Active 2 is the sport and physical activity strategy for disabled people in London. Its vision is ‘active disabled Londoners’. It identifies targeted outcomes, resulting in disabled people in London being able to access sport and physical activity opportunities of their choice. The strategy focuses on the social model of disability, the concept that everyone is equal and that it is society, in reaction to a person’s impairment that creates social and environmental barriers that restrict opportunities. We are a stakeholder and delivery partner in supporting 240 targeted organisations including Local Authorities and Disabled Person’s Organisations to adopt the strategy.

    I’m pleased to be able to have the opportunity to work closely with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation in order to support the delivery of Inclusive and Active 2. Their commitment to the project, as well as their subsequent adoption signals a commitment to increase the number of inclusive opportunities and to strive to ensure disabled people view being active as a viable lifestyle choice for them across London.
    Stewart Lucas, Chief Executive, Interactive

    Why needed: 
    •    78% of disabled Londoners do not take part in sport or physical activity.
    •    Sport and physical activity participation levels for disabled people have not risen in London since Sport England started recording them in 2006.
    •    Sport & Physical Activity levels for disabled people have not fallen, as with the rest of the country, but they have stayed constant at around the 9% level.
    •    Participation levels in sport for disabled people have not risen, even with an increase in opportunities across London of at least 500 additional clubs and activities since 2006. 
    •    In 2006 London Assembly report ‘London Olympic and Paralympic Games - identified significant weaknesses in the provision of sport for disabled people in London.

    •    We will work with Interactive to support 18 Local Authorities, 81 Key Disability organisations and 141 Key sport and physical activity organisations (including but not exclusive of National Governing Bodies of Sport) to adopt the strategy at Governance Level. 
    •    Our staff and Interactive Relationship Manager staff to support all 240 targeted organisations to produce an organisation specific Inclusive and Active 2 action plan with achievable targets.
    •    We will support Interactive to provide expert support, advice and training to the 240 adoptee organisations to support the delivery of the targets and objectives within their action plans.
    •    Approximately 1,590 clubs and activity opportunities will be open to disabled people (provided by the adopting agencies).
    •    A cumulative total of approximately 19,000 disabled people being active as a result of the project.