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    ENTERPRISE ACADEMY stage 3 school

    We offer a Business and Enterprise course which is fully accredited by the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations Exam Board(OCR). It is designed for Year 9 students to enhance their understanding and practical application of business and enterprise skills. 

    The course consists of 10 units which use Tottenham Hotspur Football Club as a central theme to explore various aspects and topics that include customer service, organisational charts, finance, marketing and advertising. 

    There is an additional section unique to our programme called ‘You are the Chairman’. Students are presented with a number of dilemmas such as setting transfer budgets, investigating the effects of increasing season ticket prices and choosing sponsorship deals. They need to make decisions based on information provided to them and their own knowledge and business, finance, marketing and enterprise. 

    For more information on any of our Education programmes contact or 020 8365 5138

    The enterprise programmes have extended the learning opportunities and experiences offered to many of our students, as well as broadening their understanding of the world in which they live.
    Stephanie Benbow, Head Teacher at 
    St Mary’s CofE School, Cheshunt.