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What We Do



    Our programme delivers high quality physical education sessions in schools, covering a variety of sports throughout the course of the academic year to engage children and improve their social skills along with their health and fitness. Sports include Football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Softball and Athletics with various themes included within these activities. In addition, we can offer out of hours learning clubs at lunchtime and/or before or after school.


    We provide interactive and applied sessions based on a variety of topics including, reading, writing, sportsmanship, transition, science and healthy living and primary enterprise. The sessions contribute to raising young people’s self-esteem, confidence and educational aspirations. These activities ultimately improve the young people’s awareness and development to overcome issues and worries when faced with life situations. 

    “It was a fantastic opportunity for children to take part in activities and engage in their well-being and healthy living skills. It also gave them a chance to take ownership of their behaviour and attitude towards learning in these sessions through earning minutes for their skills.”
    Deputy Head, North Harringay Primary School 

    GOLDkey stage 1 large

    This programme level provides students with 26 hours of interactive and applied sessions through the combination of healthy living, transition and practical sport. 


    This is a 20 hour programme level where we provide 10 hours of engaging and specifically selected curriculum delivery and 10 hours of after school multi-sports sessions. 


    This 10 hour programme level teaches young people specific topics linked directly to the curriculum. 

    The Superstars programmes can be tailored to the following specific topics: 


    Through this programme, we work to improve students’ skills and change negative attitudes towards reading through interactive reading sessions. In line with the National Curriculum, participants read through a selected storybook and complete activities related to this book. This engages students with a text and encourages them to explore it further. The pupils are also encouraged to read books of their choice in their own time. 

    This programme engages students who are reluctant to practice and enhance their writing skills. We have created four activities, which are mapped to the Literacy National Curriculum, and encourage students to develop their skills. Activities include writing a fact file about their favourite football player, creating an acrostic poem, writing a diary entry and a comic book story to demonstrate the wide range of writing styles.   

    “All of the pupils, especially the boys, now have more motivation and are willing to write whereas before they were reluctant to attempt any written work.  I have seen that their self-confidence has also improved.”
    Zara Lee, Lead Learning Mentor – The Hyde Primary School


    This theory and discussion based programme is targeted at children who display regular behavioural issues whilst participating in sport. By advocating fair play and respect for themselves and others we encourage them to display this positive behaviour in their daily routine both in and out of a sporting context. To reward and examine progress, students take part in football sessions at the end of their lesson. 

    “Children have all been very positive about the courses offered and have been motivated to join in. One particular statemented BESD child in Year 6, who usually displays challenging behaviour to unknown adults, attended every possible course and never demonstrated challenging behaviour during the sessions. If anything, he has been a star pupil due to these sessions.”
    Nicky Hillman, Lead Learning Mentor – Honilands Primary School

    All of the pupils, especially the boys, now have more motivation and are willing to write whereas before they were reluctant to attempt any written work.  I have seen that their self-confidence has also improved.
    Zara Lee, Lead Learning Mentor 
    The Hyde Primary School


    In year 6 children will be preparing for the start of secondary school. This programme aims to develop the key skills that children will need during secondary school and throughout their adult lives. We help to improve confidence, organisation and communication skills. We also teach them how to identify issues and how to resolve them in the most suitable way. 


    Throughout this programme participants are given key healthy living messages that they can then take away and apply to their everyday lives. Children will design their own healthy menu, identify and link everyday foods to food groups, learn how to use an Eatwell plate and understand the importance of a balanced diet and physical activity. 


    Based on our secondary focused Enterprise Academy programme targeting Key Stages 3 and 4, primary enterprise allows students to understand and demonstrate tasks that contribute to the decision making and successful running of a professional Football Club. 

    We teach students key business concepts including creating a brand identity, choosing a location, identifying local stakeholders and the impact of a new business alongside financial planning. These activities are linked directly to the National Curriculum through literacy, numeracy, geography, citizenship, presentation and teamwork skills.

    For more information on any of our Education programmes contact or 020 8365 5138