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    Target Group:skills spurs foundation large
    Young people aged 12 - 19

    Funded by: 
    The Premier League Charitable Fund, Haringey Council, High Street Fund and Catch 22. 

    Haringey Council, London Boxing Academy, Premier League PFA, High Street Fund, Positive Futures and Catch 22. 

    With the strapline ‘Making Your Future’, Skills offers a comprehensive sport and education programme to young people from Haringey aged 12-19 years. Many have been identified as ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training) or at risk of becoming so, including ex-offenders, gang members and young people that have emotional and behavioural difficulties. The project provides a combination of educational workshops and a range of sports including football, boxing, tennis, table tennis, dance, basketball, badminton and more. Daytime delivery provides educational provision for the young people who are excluded or failing in the mainstream education system. The evening then provides a range of sports for all young people to get involved with.

    It's a great place for both boys and girls to come along and I can only wish that there were more things like this around when I was younger. I'm delighted that the project is up and running and that youngsters are showing an interest. Having spoken to the young people myself, they seem happy with the project and happy to participate in the different sports on offer.
    Ledley King, Skills Ambassador

    Why needed: 
    •    Provides a positive atmosphere and hub for young people to visit after school to reduce anti-social behaviour. 
    •    The site provides young people with an alternative learning environment to get them back into education where previously they have been excluded or stopped attending.
    •    To improve social cohesion in the community as there are close to 193 languages spoken in our areas. 
    •    15% of children in these areas are obese. 
    •    More than 88% of young people who receive a custodial sentence will re-offend within two years. 

    •    In the first school half term of the project being in operation, 127 young people attended the site with 113 registered and attending during term time. 
    •    There are currently three sports being delivered with martial arts, wrestling, table tennis, tennis, badminton, circuit sessions as well as other sports starting soon.
    •    We provide 35 hours of education per week and 20 hours of sports provision per week. 
    •    There is an average of 31 young people taking part in boxing each week.