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  •  Foundation launches first Energise project


    Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, with the backing of National Grid, has launched the first of three projects designed to help residents living in the Seven Sisters Ward of Haringey adopt healthier and more active lifestyles.

    As part of the £75,000 National Grid funded Energise programme, the Foundation will work alongside the energy provider to deliver up to 450 hours of expert sport and physical activities to local good causes which have been be selected by an independent panel.

    The Bridge Renewal Trust in St Ann’s Road, Haringey, has become the first group to receive a share of the fund, allowing the charity to offer free cycling lessons, health checks, football coaching sessions for young people aged 12 to 18 years old along with special exercise classes for people over 60 years old.

    Based in South Tottenham, The Bridge Renewal Trust’s main aim is to deliver practical ways in which people can live healthier lives, working towards reducing health inequalities locally.

    Using the unique appeal of a Premier League football club, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation has provided 1.7 million life changing opportunities to local peoples since 2006.

    Energise forms part of the Foundation’s aim to increase levels of sports participation and improve the health and wellbeing of people within the local community.

    Innovative partner National Grid performs a vital role in connecting people to their energy supplies with the energy company currently building a 32km tunnel deep beneath London’s streets which is due to be completed and operational in 2018.

    The tunnel will provide an underground electricity superhighway transporting power supplies across the capital in order to meet increasing electricity demand. The project has a local presence with a tunnel shaft and offices located in Eade Road, Haringey.

    David Luetchford, National Grid’s Head of Cable Tunnels, said:

    “It’s our job to connect people to the energy they use which we do with projects like London Power Tunnels.

    “However it’s also very important to us to connect on a personal level with the communities where we work. It’s very apt that we’re involved with the Energise initiative and we hope it will bring healthy benefits to the whole community in Seven Sisters.”

    Wayne Maxwell, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation’s Senior Operations Officer, added:

    “Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is proud to be the chosen local delivery partner by National Grid.

    "In partnership with The Bridge Renewal Trust, the Energise project is a unique opportunity to offer sport and physical activities to all age groups in the Eade Road area.

    "By using sport and in particular football, we're able to create life changing opportunities, helping children, groups and individuals to adopt healthier and more active lifestyles."

    Geoffrey Ocen, Chief Executive of Bridge Renewal Trust, said:

    “I’m really pleased that the project is bringing practical ways for people to live healthier lives. I am also delighted that by working collaboratively we will be able to play our part in reducing health inequalities in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Haringey.”

    For further information on the London Power Tunnels Project go to