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    You can now download the fixtures calendar for the whole season. This includes all Barclays Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup and Capital One Cup matches.

    We have also made calendars for on-sale dates for One Hotspur Bronze and Lilywhite Members. These should all work on Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above, Google Calendar and Apple iCal. Please see below for instructions on how to import these on to your PC, Macs and mobile devices.

    We will be updating this throughout the season. It is important that you synchronise/subscribe your calendar on a regular basis to avoid missing any updates.

    iPhone / iPad users

    Download 2015/2016 BRONZE MEMBERS ON-SALE DATES

    How to import to Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above

    To Subscribe (i.e. get auto-updates if fixtures change):

    1. Copy this link:
    2. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007
    3. Click 'Tools' and then 'Account Settings'
    4. Click on 'Internet Calendars' and then click 'New'
    5. Paste in the link that you copied from above and click 'Add'
    6. Click 'OK' on the screen that pops up
    7. Then press 'Close'

    Download 2015/2016 BRONZE MEMBERS ON-SALE DATES
    Download 2015/2016 LILYWHITE MEMBERS ON-SALE DATES  

    Instructions for Outlook 2002/2003 users

    1. Download the ICS file by clicking one of the 3 calendar links above. Choose SAVE.
    2. Choose a folder, for example the Desktop, then click OK.
    3. In Outlook, click the File menu, then Import and Export.
    4. Choose Import as an iCalendar or vCalendar File (.vcs) and click Next.
    5. Find the folder where you saved the file in step 1, then select the .ICS file and press OK.
    6. The fixtures will appear in your Outlook calendar. The .ICS file is no longer needed on your desktop and you can delete it.

    IMPORTANT: Due to limitations of Outlook 2002/2003 we are unable to offer an auto-update service for Outlook 2002/2003 users. This means if fixtures change your calendar will NOT automatically update.

    How to import to Google calendar

    1. Open Google Calendar in a web browser
    2. Click the small arrow in the bottom left corner next to 'Other calendars'.
    3. Click 'Add by URL'
    4. Paste this link to subscribe to all Spurs First Team fixtures:
    5. Click 'Add Calendar'

    Your Spurs Fixtures calendar is now in your Google Calendar and will auto-update! To ensure this displays on your Android calendar, open your calendar on your Android and tick to sync.

    N.B. Does not work on older software versions.

    How to import to Apple

    If you want to move a copy of all the events on one calendar to a calendar on another computer, you can export the calendar information, and then import it into iCal on the other computer. You might want to do this if you want to archive a calendar or if you want to edit the calendar on another computer.

    To transfer calendar information between computers, do one of the following:

    To export the events on a calendar, select the name of the calendar in the Calendars list, and then choose File > Export. The events are exported as a '.ics' file.

    To import calendar events, choose File > Import, locate the calendar (.ics file) you want to import, and then choose the calendar you want to add the events to. You can also drag a .ics file from your desktop to iCal.