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Chinese New Year 2016


    Chinese New Year is upon us - and who better to shed light on the traditions and meaning of this huge celebration than members of our Official Supporters' Clubs in China?

    We asked Ye Jiabin from Shanghai Spurs, Jun Jun from Huazhong Spurs and Wang Chaoyi from Tianjin Spurs about all things Chinese New Year.

  • 1. How do you and your family celebrate Chinese New Year?   

    Wang Chaoyi: We have a meal together with the whole family and traditionally eat dumplings.

    Ye Jiabin: Chinese New Year is a short break where the whole family normally goes away together.

    Jun Jun: At Chinese New Year, the most important thing is being together with the family. We’ll have a meal together on Chinese New Year’s Eve and then will go out to see our close friends.  

    2. What does Chinese New Year mean to you?

    Wang Chaoyi: Chinese New Year symbolises the whole family being together.

    Ye Jiabin: Chinese New Year say’s goodbye to the old and welcomes in the new. It also means that you’ve grown 1 year.

    Jun Jun: It’s similar to Christmas in the West. But you’re welcoming in a New Year where everyone talks about their success in the last year and their hopes and plans for the New Year. Actually, it’s biggest significance is spending the festival with your family.

    3. Spurs has two fixtures over the Chinese New Year holiday, what are your predictions for these matches?

    Wang Chaoyi: Of course two wins.

    Ye Jiabin: February’s fixture schedule is very tough. We need a good result in the home match against Fiorentina as the return fixture is in the week of the League Cup final. The London derby is also huge, both games are hugely important matches.

    Jun Jun: Last season we lost to West Ham in both league fixtures so I’m really hoping that we can beat them twice this season. For the Fiorentina game, I hope we beat them in the home leg and put ourselves in a comfortable position as the League Cup final is the weekend of the away leg. Actually, the traditional Chinese New Year holiday is over 15 days which includes the League Cup final so let’s also win this.

    4. What would be the best Chinese New Year gift from Spurs?

    Wang Chaoyi: There would be nothing better than two victories.

    Ye Jiabin: Without doubt it would be the win over Arsenal in the North London Derby and the League Cup final.

    Jun Jun: As far as us fans are concerned, the best present would be two victories. Last year we got an unfortunate result against Man City so we don’t want a repeat of that.

    5. How does your supporters club celebrate Chinese New Year?

    Wang Chaoyi: We’ll arrange an evening together at some point during the holiday.

    Ye Jiabin: Many supporters in Shanghai will actually go back to their home-town for Chinese New Year so we arranged a meal together ahead of the festival to watch the North London derby. Hopefully that win will bring a successful year ahead.

    Jun Jun: We may not be able to celebrate together in person, but we’ll definitely be celebrating online. After all, everyone goes back home for Chinese New Year so it’s not easy to arrange something.

    6. What Chinese New Year tradition would you take to celebrate with Spurs?

    Ye Jiabin: I’d make them all wear traditional Chinese costumes and watch fireworks, It’d be very funny watching them dress up in costume.

    Jun Jun:  I’d get all the legends to come for a Chinese New Year’s Eve meal with all the traditional customs.

    7. What wishes do you have for the team?

    Wang Chaoyi
    : All of the Tianjin members wish the team a Happy Year of the goat. COYS

    Ye Jiabin: We wish that Spurs play attractive and powerful football and most importantly, play with passion.