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Chinese New Year 2014

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    Chinese New Year is upon us - and who better to shed light on the traditions and meaning of this huge celebration than members of our Official Supporters' Clubs in China?

    We asked Harper from SpursCN, Zhang Yan fro, Huazhong, Jedi from Shanghai and Wang Chaoyi from Tianjin all about Chinese New Year - and here’s what they had to say.

  • 1. Can you introduce Chinese New Year and its traditions? 

    "It is our traditional festival, we set off firecrackers, spend two or three hours having dinner together. Everybody talks about the previous year and our hopes for the New Year." Harper from SpursCN

    "Spring Festival is Chinese people's traditional festival and has a long history. Family members gather together to eat dumplings, the young wish a Happy New Year to the elders, whilst the elders will give them money to symbolize their hope for the young people to grow." Zhang Yan from Huazhong

    2.What does Chinese New Year mean to you?

    "The spring festival represents family reunion and farewell to the old. Everyone will return back to their hometown and this is an extremely important part of the Chinese traditional culture." Wang Chaoyi from Tianjin

    "Spring festival is a time of reunion. No matter how far the distance is, people will come back for New Year's Eve and enjoy the festival together with their family." Zhang Yan from Huazhong

    3. How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

    "Usually people watch the Spring festival gala on CCTV on Chinese New Year Eve, eat dumplings and set off firecrackers. Many families go to a restaurant to have dinner. Many families now travel abroad to celebrate. In a word, we will spend the time eating together." Zhang Yan from Huazhong

    "People usually watch the Spring festival gala on TV in the evening. For Spurs fans, of course we will be watching the games! We didn’t play well against Manchester City during the Spring Festival in 2012, but were very good against Newcastle last year. This year we will watch the Spurs game very early morning and relax for the rest of the day." Harper from SpursCN

    4. How will the Supporters' Clubs celebrate Chinese New Year together?

    "Spurs CN will organize some online activities so that Spurs fans can join together online, sending in videos and photos, special forum events and singing together online." Harper from SpursCN

    "Early in the morning on Chinese New Year's Eve, Spurs played at home against Manchester City. We met up with the Beijing Supporters Club to watch this game together. We have actually done this before on Chinese New Year's Eve in 2012 when we met in a pub at Dongzhimen in Beijing, but unfortunately we lost 3-2." Zhang Yan from Huazhong

    "Several members this year travelled to the UK to watch Spurs during the Spring Festival period." Jedi from Shanghai