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 “To me, E18HTEEN is family. Family isn’t about blood, family is about this. It’s about being there for each other, “ Charlotte, E18HTEEN participant

E18HTEEN provides 1-2-1 mentor support for young people in care/care leavers who are not in education, employment or training. The programme has worked with 160 young people aged 16–19 to date, identified by Local Authority ‘Virtual Schools of Children in Care’, to improve the life chances for one of the most vulnerable groups in society. 

Delivered by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation in partnership with the Virtual Schools of Looked After Children in Haringey and Enfield, each E18HTEEN participant is given an individually tailored development programme, with free access to training, sports and life skills workshops. E18HTEEN demonstrates how sport coupled with mentor support raises the life chances of children in care and care leavers, instilling positive values and helping our young people develop a sense of pride and identity.

For these young people, E18HTEEN and their mentor relationship will forever provide a reference point of positive change as they move toward independence and into adulthood.

“E18HTEEN helped us out when we thought we had no other alternatives, when no one was there to help us,” said E18HTEEN participant Edward, 20. “E18HTEEN has brought all of us together, it’s had a positive effect on our lives, given us the second chance to make something of ourselves and hopefully we will now be able to help the next generation.”

This year long referral programme offers identified young people the opportunity to get 1-2-1 support from a dedicated Tottenham Hotspur Foundation mentor. The dedicated mentor supports participants to access sports, life-skills workshops, vocational qualifications, further training and employment opportunities of their choice.

Linking up with existing Tottenham Hotspur Foundation sport, education and employment programmes the programme signposts individuals on to a tailored programme of activities, including:


  • NVQ in customer service
  • Sport BTEC Level 1 and Level 2
  • Education opportunities
  • Cookery workshops
  • Money management
  • Communication sessions
  • Employability workshops
  • Work experience
  • Variety of sporting opportunities

Plus the opportunity to compile an enhanced CV

For more information, please contact 

E18HTEEN is a closed programme. Entry on to the programme is through referral via your social worker or Virtual School.